A new life

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I hopped off the plane my legs hurt from the flight. I followed my parents close behind. To say I did not miss home is a lie I practically cried every night. But like my grandma says, " a new life a new beginning" I missed her a lot I miss holding her and sitting on my granpapa's lap while smelling his pipe. I miss the heavy smell of the rain I miss the palm trees , I miss the food oh sweet food I miss the sound of the big waves crashing on the shores. I miss the rest of my family and my friends. I could go all day taking about my woes and worries or introduced myself.

My name is Oliviera Pangu I am from Gabao and I live with my parents and my two little siblings Cintia and Jean. I speak French it's my mother language. So we walked through the airport I carried my luggage and sat down on the bench as we waiter for my mom's friend and her family to pick us up. I suddenly fell into a deep sleep.

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