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I ran downstairs and opened the door

"MOMMA!!!!!!" I screamed hugging her

Daddy looked over at the door and Mom just paid her attention to me

"Hey Baby!" Mama smiled hugging me and kissing my cheek

You could feel the tension in the room, I didn't like this feeling at all. So I grabbed mom hand and carried her over to the living room and sat her on Daddy's lap they looked at each other and she jumped up off his lap

"Look baby, I know you mean well but not right now. Okay? Where's your brother and sister?"

"April is at uncle Tremaines. She should be back later and MJ upstairs sleeping."

"What was you doing?" She asked looking down at me

"Chillin, Mom. Daddy. Y'all need to get this shit together." I said getting aggravated

"Watch your mouth, Young Lady" momma said looking at me like I was crazy

"I'm sorry but, this sh-- stuff is ridiculous. You fighting over some stupid photos and a Instagram post. That don't make no da- dang sense." I said running up the stairs

"AUTUMN!" I heard my mom yell

I shut the bedroom door and closed my eyes.

| 2 AM


"Autumn, wake up." uncle Mel voice said

I woke up, "Wha?"

"Listen to me, Princess. Your dad is a hot head. Just let him cool off about this and when he does, I promise you they going to be together,"

"But, why don't he see mama loves him?" I asked looking at him

"He does, but that one place in his heart tells him something different. Give it some time and Things will be better than before."

"Are you sure?" I asked him

He laughed and sat next to me and laid his arms around me and my head on his chest kissing the top of my head

"I'm uncle mel. I see all and know all." He said

"Yeah I forgot." I laughed

"Uncle Mel loves you, I'm proud of you youngins! " He said

I smiled, "I love you too"

"Now, about that boy next door. He's not for you. He's into things you're way to young for, things that are illegal. You don't need a guy like him. The right guy will come along, I promise you that." he said


"No buts. And stop with your insecurites."

"I'm not insecure"

"Autumn. I know all and I see all. "

I sighed

"Look at me" he said tilting my chin so I can look at him

"You're beautiful. You look just like your mother and your father. I would never tell you a lie, None of us will. U is one gorgeous broad. In the skreets where I was growin up, dey ain't have no pretty yung dangk like chu." he said as his Nola accent came out

"Uncle Mel?"

"Yeah, Gorgeous?" He smiled

"Why those people killed you?"

"I don't know. But, The skreets of NOLA was hard to grow up in, You either had to sell dope or struggle and I did what everyone else would do to survive the struggle, Ask your dad one day. He'll tell you , But it gotta be on his on timing"

"Will you tell me when?"

"I will always tell you when. I'm gone be by your side everywhere you go. I'll whisper in your ear and let you know when something isn't right, You know that feelin you got when you was sitting at school that day when you got into it with Shyan?" He asked me

I laughed, "Yeah. I felt like something wasn't right"

"That was me. That's how you know I'm there, I'm always there. I was there when you was born, I was there in Hawaii, I was there when you was on the rooftop of that abandoned building. I was there when you cried when your mom went to Jail, I was also there protecting your mother. I'm not your only guardian angel, God is. We both are here, Always."

"Do you go and visit mam'ma and Chay mya and Kay Kay?"

"I don't speak to them like I do you guys but I'll communicate in certain ways. I do each and every one of y'all different. MJ he can see me because he's the youngest, So he can see me. "

"I wish I could see you outside my dreams."

He smiled, "Close your eyes and I'm there"

I smiled, "What about April?"

"I'm gone be honest I don't really talk to her because she's your moms daughter with another man, in her other marriage but I do protect and look out for her."

"If there was anything wrong, How would you tell mama and daddy?"

"Dreams." he said

"What if they couldn't dream and it was morning and one of us got hurt or was in trouble?"

"Visions. But, don't think like that because I would never let anything bad happen to you youngins"

I smiled, "Can I go back to sleep now?"

He laughed, "Yes. I'll be right here."

I smiled and laid in bed, he pulled the covers up on me and kissed my temple

"Sweet dreams my pretty niece. Damn, My bro made some beautiful kids!! Tell him that why don't ya?"

I smiled and laughed, "I will"

"Good, Oh happy new years."

"Happy New Years to you too, I'm going to visit you tomorrow with Pooh and MJ"

"I'll be waiting."

I smiled and closed my eyes."

Goodnight ]

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