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Min finally had a free month cause exams were over! Guess what she decided to do?

Clean the storage with her mother!

So, when she found an old album, she could not help being curious.

She cleaned the cover with a nearby cloth before opening it. Dust was flying every where and she could not help but sneeze. Min simply pulled out a tissue and coughed even more.

Her mother turned to see if she's okay and noticed the dusty old album in her hands but ignored it in favour of giving her daughter a bottle of water. When she finally stopped coughing, she realised something; the album was not with her anymore; more specifically in her mother's hand who stared at it with a small smile.

In the picture was a small baby in the arms of his father.

In the picture was a small baby in the arms of his father

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Rei stared at her little baby boy. He somehow ended up inheriting the Sun Sapphire eyes and her light brown hair. Rei stared at his peacefully sleeping form and wondered how he will grow up just with her. Will she be a good mother?

"You will be the best mother." The voice of her soon to be ex-husband said.

They have decided to part ways even before this but he wanted to stay, even if for a little to see his baby boy. He loved him but it's better for their baby to live with a single worthy parent than with two unworking ones.

"What do you plan on naming him?"

"Ruwei." Rei said with a smile.

"Sun Ruwei. I want him to be like you." Her friend said. It feels way better than calling him her future ex. And before all this, he was her friend.

"Then Sun Ruwei it is." She smiled brighter.

And maybe and just maybe, she will be a good parent. She wasn't as alone as she first thought after all.

"Is that Ru?" The surprisingly soft voice of her daughter brought her out of her memories.

"Yes, it is." She replied with an eye smile, Min smiling along.

"And that must be dad." Min said with a head tilt.

"Ah, yes. Makes me remember that time you asked about him." Rei chucked.

"The things I do for Ru." Min sweatdropped.


"Mama, how was Dada?" Min asked her mother.

"A great man. We were just not meant to be." Rei replied with a smile.

"Did he love you or Ru?" Min asked curious.

"He liked me as an individual. Arrange marriage was just not his thing or mine. He did loved Ru but wasn't ready as a parent. Sometimes we need to be away from someone we love cause it's for their best." Rei explained to the four year old.

"Did you like him?"

She definitely was a smart little kid.

"He was a good person and it was on both of us that we parted ways, so yes. He is still my friend and calls sometimes." Rei replied.

"You know, mommy?  I don't want to get married. It's troublesome. I would rather live with a friend." Min said with a small frown.

Rei cooed at her adorable daughter.

"No matter what you do baby, I will always support you." Rei said pulling her up.



"Ru was the one who wanted to ask you this but he was worried about making you sad." She said staring up at her.

Rei grinned proudly at her daughter.

"You asked me this because you wanted to help your brother?"

"Yes, mommy."

"You are the best daughter and sister one could ask for, princess."

"Love you, mommy!"

"Am I still the best sister though? I am annoying. But I still get all the things done for him so yes." Min talked to herself.

Rei smiled at her daughter before keeping aside the album for later.

"We still need to work, kiddo."

"Alright, mommy!"

Nothing much has changed after all.

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