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I was going through my newsfeed and was reading what TMZ had put out there about my mother and Drake. Drake loves my mom but she doesn't feel that type of way towards him like he does. If people could get that through they skull they would be alright, If they would stay out our business than maybe they can handle they OWN damn business. I walked into the room with Aug and I went to him and sat on his lap and wiped away his tears

"Mama loves you, Aug." I said looking at him

"I know that April"

"Than believe that she does. I heard you and mama arguing on the phone, Listen yeah maybe you guys should take a break but Mama loves you. I never seen her this happy with anyone in my entire life, She would always front with Daddy but with you? It was always real. She only thinks of Drake like a brother who she works with and she's really close with him (wraps arm around his neck) Maybe he does things and she does things but, you and I both know you're better looking them him and she loves you more than anything in this world. Remember, mom went to jail not only for us but for you. Just look deep into your heart Daddy. Mama loves you. Only you." I said touching his heart and looking at him

"You're one smart child. I don't know where you came from, You're so positive and you and your sister see the world differently, You're so much like your mom." he said kissing my cheek

"I know that. But, the question is Do you trust mama?" I asked him

He looked up at me and licked his lips, "Yes"

"Do you love mama?"


"Do you know she loves you?"

He smacked his lips and smiled, "Yes."

"Than that's your answer. Believe in mama that she will do right by you and believe in your marriage" I said getting off his lap

"Thank you, Baby Girl"

I smiled, "No Problem."

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