"Maybe I can take you see Madam Pompfrey...good excuse to get out of class." Ron offered kindly with a grin, leaning his back against the bricks and sweeping his overgrown hair away from his eyes. Something that rang eerily true to his brother. Fred. And oh, how she couldn't even bare to think about him. Not after that...night.

She shook her head to dismiss her thoughts, pulling her books tighter into her chest. "I'm okay, thank you."

"Yeah, I think I forgot what your priorities are for a moment." Ron joked.

Hermione rolled her eyes heavily, fighting back the urge to smile. "Don't be daft, my top prioritiy being my education isn't a bad thing. You should try it for yourself Ronald."

Ron chuckled lightly, shaking his head. Hermione smiled too, at her best friend. They bid their goodbyes, and the frazzled teenage girl continued to make a bee-line for her class. But once again, she was stopped. A tug to her sweater, coming from behind her. She turned around, the rage visibly coming out in steams through her ears. She just wanted to get to class-


Fred and George Weasley stood tall in front of her, the oncoming trouble reeking from them. They where planning something...a prank perhaps. They always had a certain look about them that was a dead giveaway they where going to cause havoc. She still wasn't quite sold on their new haircut, either- she thought the long hair looked quite attractive, but she'd never admit it.

"Hey 'Mione, have you seen that cow of a brother of ours- I mean Ron?" George spoke first, which was oddly out of character.

Her words got caught in her throat, as she looked at Fred, who glanced at her up and down cheekily. Tall and handsome, hands dug into his pant pockets. "I uh...Um..."

"Forgot how to speak, Granger?" Fred teased, chewing on his bottom lip. Hermione shuddered, recalling how he had said the same thing in a much more erotic context.

Fred's hands explored her all over, as she was overcome with a feeling she couldn't put into words. Her face dug into the pillows, hands curling up in fists full of the sheets.

"Forgot how to speak, Granger?" Fred cooed from behind her, as he curled his hand around her throat and continued to thrust, earning a heavy and uncharacteristically loud moan from Hermione.

Hermione snapped back into reality, her cheeks flushing a deep wine red, wiping her clammy palms on her skirt. "No, I uh...I haven't forgotten how to speak. I did see Ron, actually. Just before."

"Right, and where abouts?" George inquired, quite oblivious to the tension building between Fred and Hermione.

"Just over there." She pointed, over the twins' shoulders.

"Thanks, Granger." Fred grinned, reaching over and ruffling her hair with his hand like a father would to a child. He was patronising her, and quite frankly, she was ready to explode with rage.

"Yeah, thanks 'Mione. We'll see you 'round." George said sweetly, taking his role as the kinder twin. Hermione always thought that, George was far more down to earth while Fred had his head in the clouds. But then again, after the events of the weekend- She wasn't so sure she could say herself her head, too, wasn't in the clouds.

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