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chapter one

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chapter one.

Hermione's day began like any other. she got out of bed bright and early, brushed her teeth, attempted to tame her hair, and padded her soft plushy bed socks over to the Gryffindor common room. She wore an old shirt that belonged to her father, matched with a daggy pair of sweats she tried to avoid being seen in. Her appearance was something she desperately tried to keep up, self conscious mostly of her hair, but in the mornings it was something she just couldn't care less about.

"You're up early." Hermione chirped as she pattered down the staircase.

"I am?" Ron croaked with his groggy morning voice, sprawled out on the sofa with the fireplace cracking and illuminating his features gently. A few other students where scattered around, most studying in which Hermione planned to join them. Fifth year was kicking her in the behind, even for someone who had stellar grades. It made her quietly annoyed.

"For Ronald Weasley standards, yes, you are." She informed blankly, as she sat herself beside Ron, her inner voice giggling at his red plaid pyjamas which where hand-me-downs from Percy.

"Gee, thanks." The ginger groaned, crossing his arms, his legs still spread out in a boyish way.

Hermione ran her fingers through her hair, trying to undo the knots and mats she had accumulated over her sleep. "I had the most awful headache last night, and a horrible sleep, too."

"Me too, but i think it was from listening to Ron sleep talking." Harry's voice echoed, as he groggily stumbled over towards the pair.

"you said i've been getting better!" Ron protested, sitting upright.

"No, i've been getting better at blocking it out." Harry responded with a smirk, earning a laugh from Hermione.

The trio continued to bicker and mumble amongst each other, until the sun began peeking through the windows of the Gryffindor tower. More students began to huddle into the common room as the clock struck eight, and the three friends parted ways to get dressed into the uniform and collect their books.

On Hermione's way to her transfiguration class, her headache had returned. She was certain it was due to her stressing over her O.W.L.'s, and rubbed her temple gently with her fingertips. As she did so, a large weight bumped into her.

"You right, 'Mione?" Ron's voice cooed, as she rubbed her shoulder where he had accidentally run into her.

"Yeah, just that terrible headache again." She said, as Ron ushered her to the side of the hallway away from the heavy foot traffic of Hogwarts students.

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