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I decided to call August back and when we did it was just an whole nother argument. Seemed like Drakes post made August even more mad. If August don't believe me and he thinks something's going on? Than I should just leave and go and make something happen. But, I love Aug to much that I can't even think about another man in that way so why don't he believe me? Everything I do is for fun, is an act, Everybody knows how much I love August. They know how much I love Trey, but I'm in love with August. August pretty much broke things off for awhile so I guess I'm spending New Years alone. Lord knows I wanna be with August cause new year means a new beginning and it means I'm gone be doing whatever I'm doing throughtout that whole entire year and I don't wanna be without him. But, I respect his decision and I'm just gone keep away for awhile.


I didn't feel like Drakes post made matters better because of the photos he posted, what he said. I guess I'm just that jealous nigga. In the back of my head I wonder if things would stay the way they are or if Maya would find someone who'd love her better than me. I fear so much in our relationship and I know it, I try to let go but I just can't let go. Everyone has that doubt and Maya and Drake been friends a very long time and he knows her longer. I feel like this whole shit going on is just her way of her telling me she doesn't wanna be with me no more. The concerts, The apperances, The calls, the shows, everything that happens between young money, Drake always on her and she always on drake. This gone hurt the kids but she can stay here I'm not kicking her out I would never do that. I just need time to get this shit out my head.

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