Destruction in His Eye

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A/N: In which a medicine cat struggles to figure out what a message means.

All the characters and clans belong to me. The story is based off a prompt by SerenadingBlackbirds.

TW: Animal death (mentioned,not directly shown)

"Beware the cat with heaven in one eye and destruction in the other!" 

Echolight woke with a start. She was in the Whispering Cave,and two of her clanmates sat at the entrance like always,but the air seemed thicker and tenser,an odd contrast from the normally clear atmosphere. It made her fur prickle.

'Beware the cat with heaven in one eye and destruction in the other',the words swam around her head. What did it mean? This was the first time StarClan had spoke to her,and it seemed to make no sense. 

Skymask turned around to face her,letting out a yawn and standing up to stretch. "How'd it go?" She asked.

"I got a message." She blurted out before she thought about if she should keep it to herself. 

"You did?" Tabbyfoot whipped around,tail flicking with anticipation as he padded towards her. Echolight remembered that he was a retired medicine cat,the one who trained Nightweb before her,of course he would be interested. 

"Um,yeah. I-I did. Beware the cat with heaven in one eye and destruction in the other. That's what I heard,at least."

"Did you see anything?" Tabbyfoot asked.

"No,it was just the words. It sounded like a tom speaking,if that helps." He nodded.

"Alright,make sure you tell Thornstar and Darkfire when we get home." Echolight padded after them,trailing a bit behind. The air still felt thick,but that may have been from the humidity. Either way,she was anxious. Something was wrong. She didn't know what,but it lurked,like a snake waiting to strike prey. She shivered.


A few days had passed since the dusk meeting,and Echolight was still worrying about the message. She had informed Thornstar,but he didn't seem to care. He said the best thing to do was ignore it for now,claiming RavineClan had enough issues without StarClan's interference. A senior warrior told her a story about how cats with different colored eyes had split personalities and were a sign of bad luck,but she didn't exactly believe them. Eye and fur colors didn't represent a cat. 

Another one of her concerns was Sunpool,a she-cat due to give birth any day. It was the middle of leaf-fall,so there weren't as many herbs to aid the queen. As Echolight was making new nests in the medicine den,Acornpaw ran in. 

"Sunpool's went into labor!" he yowled,voice shrill and panicked. Echolight shot out of the den with the apprentice at her side. 

"Ok. Alright. Um,Acornpaw,go find Ravenstep." Echolight told him. He rushed off as she pushed her way through the thorny vines and shrubs in front of the nursery and sat down next to the molly. A few moments later,Ravenstep came in holding a stick.

"I remember you telling me that some queens like to bite down on things when the pain comes." he dropped it and waited for the next task. Echolight appreciated the tom's help. It was her first delivery alone,she was nervous. 

"I have some Iris petals wrapped up in the back of my den,please go get them." Ravenstep left,almost bumping into Fogwing as the older queen shoved past to get inside the shelter.

Bad scenarios were flying through Echolight's head. What if the kits don't make it? What if there are complications? What if Sunpool dies? She tried her best to ignore the thoughts,but they still laid heavy in her chest,and she had to take a few moments to regain control of her breathing.

"Push when your ready,Sunpool."


Sunpool had survived and gave birth to four kits,but two of them were stillborn. The ones that lived were Sandkit,a tan she-cat,and Eaglekit,a small tom. None of them had deformities like she feared,but sadness gripped her when she thought of Dapplekit and Flamekit,the ones who didn't survive. 

Eaglekit had a strange fur marking on his face. One half of it was dark brown,while the other half was gold,and the colors split evenly down the center. When Owlflight heard about this,they said it was a sign of split personalities like different colored eyes. Echolight worried that Eaglekit would be treated differently because of it. 

The message still weighed on her shoulders,yet nothing bad had happened,and StarClan hadn't said anymore. One of the explanations Echolight could come up with was someone who had power over peace and destruction. But why would their eyes be involved? Could they see both good and bad outcomes? Or did they have the power to see both StarClan and Dark Forest cats? 

She didn't know. Echolight even wondered if the eye color superstition mattered,that maybe the one of the newest kits would have split personalities like Owlflight said. She kept herself busy in an attempt to not think about it,but it didn't work. Ideas and what-ifs and swarmed her,making it hard to keep herself focused.


Little more than a week had passed since Sunpool gave birth,and Sandkit had gotten sick. She died yesterday. Now it was only Eaglekit remaining. 

Echolight felt guilty. She should have checked on them more. She should have given them strengthening herbs. 

She was pulled from her thoughts as Fogwing poked her head into the medicine den,looking somewhat distressed. "Hey,Echolight. Eaglekit's opened his eyes,can you come look at them? There's something wrong." Echolight quickly walked over to the nursery,praying that it was something fixable. She was wrong. 

Eaglekit was being cleaned by Sunpool,looking around with what should have been a clear gaze. He was growing well,his limbs working fine,ears pricked and a smile on his face,everything else was perfectly healthy. Yet his left eye was a normal blue,and his right eye was a milky white. 

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Echolight was a cat called Nightweb's apprentice. They went missing after several accusations of poisoning/neglecting cats. She was given her full name by Thornstar.

In the continuing storyline,a RavineClan cat ends up killing Eaglekit to avoid whatever the message meant. It was a very well executed murder,and no one ever finds exactly out who did it.

Word Count: 1,030

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