04: The Help

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By lunch, Irene's 'Make Friends for a Better Life' plan didn't have any significant progress. Not that she made much effort, either. Having someone as chattery as Denzel already made her feel like she was talking to three people at once. Denzel already told his friends everything about Irene and she didn't really get the chance to talk. He even added extra things like how beautiful she was when she walked into the Law class (which she knew was bullshit because he had been sleeping then) and how awesome she was for getting detention on her first day. Irene hit him lightly at that. Detention was not something to brag.

Denzel's friends were just like him - loud. There was one guy, Brian, that looked nothing like Denzel, but deep down Irene suspected he was Denzel's long lost twin. They just clicked in every way. He was equally loud and silly and had so many stories to tell like Denzel. What distinguished the two was while Denzel gave the surfer vibe (though he claimed he was more of a chill and Netflix type of guy), Brian gave an intellectual, flower boy vibe with his blond hair that was slicked back flawlessly with pale, unblemished skin.

If the two guys were to marry and had a baby somehow, Fleur Chaplin, another student Irene had met, would most likely be their daughter. She was worse than the two combined. Her laugh could grab everyone's attention within a mile radius. She could pass as Brian's twin too with the same platinum blond hair and pale skin. She bore blue eyes while Brian shared Denzel's brown ones.

The rest of the people who were sitting on the long, rectangular table had their own groups of friends, not joining in other groups' conversations.

"You guys remember Liana? Liana Baker?" asked Fleur. "She was super annoying this morning. I think she's on her period because she was so irritating I wanted to slap her with a cupboard!"

One more thing about Fleur, her talent was lifting things most people couldn't. And by saying she wanted to slap someone with a cupboard, she probably meant it.

Brian furrowed his brows while munching on a grilled tuna. "Isn't Liana that quiet, short girl with drowsy talent or whatever? I think I had Floras class with her when I was an Unknown. She's pretty nice ... Wait, which one is she again?"

"Maybe you're the one having a period," suggested Denzel with his brow raised with a cocky grin.

Fleur ignored the latter and scoffed. "Quiet?" she almost shouted. "Oh, please. She's a naggy little girl! I can't believe she dared to splash her filthy mineral water on me this morning." She huffed in annoyance.

Irene was pretty sure the Liana girl couldn't be worse than Ruby Harkin.

Brian took a gulp from his glass of water, swallowing the tuna with it. He gave Fleur a look. "She tried to wake you up?" It sounded more like a statement rather than a question.

"She tried to wake you up," confirmed Denzel, giving her the same look as Brian's.

Fleur sighed, "Yes, but—"

"You think she's impossibly annoying because she tried to wake you up," said Denzel. "You know how hard it is to wake you up!" he scolded. "Remember that one time a year ago when you didn't show up for lunch? We thought you were dead or something!" He turned sharply to Irene, "I'm glad you're not rooming with her." He pointed at Fleur and got a slap on the head.

"You're exaggerating!" whined Fleur.

"No, we're not," said Denzel to Irene. Brian nodded with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

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