Chapter 9: Long Lost Brother

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Haha! Gonna update because my mind is awesome lol. So I'll explain. This Chapter will be having. Sooooo. Many. DRAMA!. yeah. Be prepared with your tissue. Lol.


When we got home yeaterday. I just let my body sleep. I pass Darcy to Harry. "Chloe?!" Harry yelled. "What?!" I yell back. "Your Mom is here! She wants to see you!" Okay. "Okay! Coming".

"Hi Chloe" Mom hug me. "I would like to introduce to you. Your long lost brother." And after that I saw Connor enter the door. "You're my long lost sister/brother?!" We both say. "You know each other already?" Me mom said. "Um. Yeah" Connor said.

"Sooo. Mom. You're not my real mother am I right?". "Yeah. I'm very sorry Chloe. But. You have now your real family. Connor's family." Mom said

"Pack your bags. You too Harry were going to me mom." I said. "When?" Harry asked like a fool. "Course now. When do you want? Tomorrow?" I said sarcastically. "Connor. Are you on tour now?" I asked Condora. (Yeah) "Nope. We just got home from tour." Connor said (Who go there? On their concert. In Asia?) "Oh. So today's your rest day?" I ask. "Yup. So you two could go to my house and I'll introduce you to my parents." Connor simply said. "Yes!"


"Chloe?" Someone shakes me. "What?" I mumble still not opening my eyes. "I already pack our bags. The breakfast is ready." Harry said. "Okay." I said. Eyes still closed. I got up and just stare at the floor for ten minutes (WE ALL DO THAT. AM I RIGHT?) I dunno why I always do that. I brushed my teeth and go down. I saw Harry. Niall. "Oh. Good morning Chloe!" Niall said and hug me quickly. "Morning Niall". "Morning Chloe" Harry said. "Morning Haz. Where's Darcy?" "Asleep" "oh."

We are all eating peacefully when suddenly there a knock on the door.

"WHO'S THERE?!" I yelled. "US!" I recognized the voice. Its Zayn and Perrie. "COMING!" I ran. "Hi Guys!" Zayn and Perrie Greeted. "Hi!" Me, Harry, And Niall said. "WE HAVE A GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!!!" The two of them yelled. "What?" "I'M/PERRIE'S PREGNANT!!" Zayn and Perrie yell. "WOW! CONGRATS!!!" I jumped like a five year old begging for toys. "Congrats guys!" Niall hugged Zayn.

"I'm Eight weeks pregnant. We just found out yesterday." Perrie said. And suddenly we all hear Darcy cry. I quickly ran upstairs. "Shhhh. Its okay Dars. Mommy's here" I shush her. And I feel Her temperature. She's hot. " HARRY GET THE CAR! DARCY HAVE FEVER!!!" I yell.


Okay sorry for this very late update. My mind was a mess this past weeks. Sorry guys.

Love you:)

-Elaine :D

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