Chapter 12

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"You look too beautiful," Jimmy says when I come out of my apartment.
He's wearing his grey suit, leaning against the limo that's taking us to the event.

I smile. Kim made a big deal out of my red carpet appearance with Jimmy, until Richie himself had to jump in. He said there is no way I can embarrass the name of Cosmopolitan (or his as the Fashion Director) by looking bad on the red carpet. He called Elie Saab herself and got me the most gorgeous white gown I have ever laid my eyes on. It is made of satin material and falls loosely on the back. I put my hair in a loose bun, and pair it with my nude makeup.

"It makes me want to marry you," Richie says when I fit it on. "You be careful Jimmy takes that leap."

Jimmy didn't let go of my hand all the way to the event. When the car stops, I begin to panic. I have never done red carpet, let alone to be beside a celebrity. But Richie has trained me a couple of poses, and Henry has promised he will make sure only the best ones got sent for press release.

"You ready?" Jimmy asks.

I nod. He smiles and opens the door. He takes my hand as I step out of the car. The usher leads us toward the carpet and the paparazzi begins to shout Jimmy's name loud.

"Jimmy look here!"

"Jimmy! It's me, Robert from PEOPLE! Look here, buddy!"

"Nice. Very nice!"

"Oh that is gorgeous. You look gorgeous together!"

Amidst all the sea of lens, the blinking bright lights and the shouting, I turn my head to look at Jimmy. My heart feels like it's lifted because there's too much excitement building up inside. And love, I think. It's probably love. I realize, at that very moment, there is no place I'd rather be than here beside him.

He catches my eyes. Then he smiles and kisses my lips.

The paparazzi went crazier with their cameras and their shouting, but I hear nothing.

Nothing but the beat of my own heart.


While Jimmy went to meet Justin backstage, I walk around to greet the guests. It is obviously a very womanly event, mostly attended by our devoted readers and people who are crazy about William. It was crazy packed that night and even the CEO of Toyota was there. They're seated in the VVIP booth with Jane, James Gates, our Head of Sales, and our CFO. I was starting to think about how happy Tat must feel tonight, when I see him running toward me.

"The Toyota people want to meet you," he says, "And Jane asked me to get you."

"Oh God. Why."

"Come on," Tat pulls my hand.

When we arrive at the VVIP booth area, Jane was the first one to stand up. "There she is!"

The rest of the party stand up.

"Oh you look great," Jane whispers to me before she says to everyone, "This is Pamela Pollak. Our Executive Feature Editor who made everything happen."

"Oh wow," the Head of Sales says, "I should thank you. Our issue sells out in 3 hours. We had to reprint some more."

I know that. Everybody knows that because that's what Jane talks about for this whole week.

"Hello Pamela, I'm Johnny," the CEO of Toyota lets out his hand and smile.

"Hello, I'm Pamela. Nice meeting you," I smile.

"I should also thank you," he chuckles

"Oh, my pleasure Sir," I say

"You look familiar though..." he says, "Have we met before?"

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