Chapter 11

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"There she is!!!" Kim shouts the moment she sees me walking to the office, "Congratulations!"

"Mrs. Jimmy Fallon," Henry smiles and claps his hands.

They both give me a kiss.

"Oh God, is it all over the internet?" I ask

"Dude, it's all over everything," Henry says, "Your picture making out in the middle of Universal Studios was circulating in the biz journalist group last night and everyone was wondering who the girl was. When I saw it, I nearly peed my pants."

"Are you happy? You look happy," Kim smiles

"Is the sex that good?" Henry asks

"We haven't done it."


"I swear! We flew back here on the same day and we didn't get to do it."

"But you spent the night together?"

"Well of course. But we decided to just have a glass of wine in bed, talking... And we just fell asleep cos we're so tired."

"Oh my God, it sounds like real relationship," Henry says, "Thanks for the scoop, Pam."

"It was so cute though! The hot air balloon, the giraffe... Oh my God," Kim says

"Hey Pamela, congratulations on the new boyfriend," someone says.

We all turn our heads and a bunch of people just smile at us.

"Yeah, congratulations Pamela,"

"Oh... Thanks guys," I say, not knowing who they are.

"Congrats, you're famous now," Henry says, "Just make sure I get the first scoop if ever you have it on the rocks."

"Henry! That's so bad. Don't wish like that."

"I meant engagement," he says.

"Pamela! Pamela!" Tat is running toward us. "You need to hear this."

"Congrats, Pam..." someone passing by just say again.

"Thank you," I say with a smile

"Why is everyone congratulating... " Tat looks confused, "Ah! Jimmy Fallon! Of course. Congrats. Anyway, Prince William agrees to come to the Toyota event."

"What?" Henry cries, "No fucking way."

"I know, right!" Tat says in high excitement like he just swallowed ecstasy, "I called that Albert guy you told me and he said he'd speak to William first, and like 5 minutes later he called me back and said William said yes! Oh my God, Toyota is gonna be so happy they are gonna kiss me, I tell you!"

I look at Kim, who is already looking at me. Uh oh.


Because random people at work keep congratulating me for the rest of the afternoon, I got into a bit of panic mode again and check the news radar. But it turns out to be moderate. Page Six did not even pick it up (they did when I was rumored to steal William from Kate), it was merely gossip websites which I assume none of serious people read (or people who have more important things to do in general). And even though they did refer me as the daughter of lawyer Michael Pollak, they wrote just that. It was like the news were there simply because there was a blank spot and they had nothing else to run.

I call my mom just in case to tell her about this. She seems very happy because she does watch Jimmy's show and he strikes as a good boy to her.

And then I move on to my next problem, which is William coming to New York.

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