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This was requested by Franceypants101. Oh my gosh, my book has 1.76k reads as I write this. I never thought my book would get this far. Why are you still reading? I'm a nut job that belongs in a mental hospital. Hope you enjoy~

Francois was not aware of the way you made money.

You couldn't keep a job. For some reason, your bosses didn't like you and fired you with in the first week.

You resorted to mugging people on the streets.

A man no younger than 20 walked down the alleyway you were hiding in. It was dark out so he didn't see you when he passed you.

You pulled up your hood and grabbed his shoulder, pinning him up against the brick wall and pointed a gun at his temple.

"Empty your pockets." You said from under the hair that hung in your face, keeping your identity a secret.

He shakily pulled out his wallet, pack of gum, cellphone, and a receipt from Wal-Mart.

"That's all I have. Please don't hurt me!" He pleaded.

You grabbed his wallet and pointed your gun at his forehead.

"Start walking. You run, you die. Walk out of here like nothing happened." He quickly turned and stumbled out of the alleyway.

"Sucker. Gun wasn't even loaded." You went to your very small apartment and went through the wallet.

Drivers license, debit card, business card, and $52. Should be enough to put some food on the table for the next few days.

A sound of a key unlocking the door made you quickly hide the contents of the wallet under your blanket on your bed.

Francois walked in with a cigarette hanging off his lips.

"Bonjour mon ami." His gruff voice greeted you.

"Oh. It's just you. Thought it was the landlord."

"Money troubles?" He asked, plopping down next to you.

"Um, no. I'm fine on money." You rubbed the back of your neck and thought about the money that was shoved under the blanket.

"What brings you to my crappy apartment?" You ask him.

"Well, Matt is out of town and besides him, you are the only one I tolerate." You laugh and watch as Francois takes out his pack of cigarettes.

"Cigarette?" He offers.

"No." You decline and lay back on your bed.

"Well, I have to get going. If I'm gone too long, that strawberry blonde devil will get mad at me." He waved and left.

You put the stuff away with the other wallets, purses, and money clips you stole.

You counted the money and came up with a total of $204.

The rent costs $135 leaving you with $69 to spend on food. Seeing how you would need to go out again tomorrow night, you curled up in bed and fell asleep.

xxx In the morning xxx

Sunlight shone through the window, waking you up from a decent sleep.

Your phone vibrated and you picked it up.

It was a text from Francois.

'Need something to do to get away from the nagging brit.'

You laughed and replied

'Come to my place. I need something to do.' You hit send a then he replied

'Be over in ten minutes.'

When time rolled around, Francois knocked on the door.

"Hey." You let him in and he lit a cigarette.

"What's on the agenda for today?" You asked.

"How about a card game?" He gave a smile.

"Last time I played with you, you cheated." You pointed an accusing finger at him and opened the fridge.

"I didn't cheat. I simply, used my resources."

"You had aces shoved up your sleeves." You pulled out an apple and started eating it.

"Well I don't have any in my sleeves." He pulled his sleeves to show he had nothing there.

"What did you do, shove them up your pants or in your shoes?" He rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone, checking the time.

"How about we go to the mall?" He asked.

"The mall? You hate the mall. You can't stand it! Why would you wanna go?"

"Last place Oliver would look for me." He shrugged his shoulders and tossed you your hairbrush.

"Sure, why not. I don't think I'll buy anything anyway. We can just look." You ran the brush through your (h/c) hair and slipped on your shoes.

He took you out to his car and you both went to the mall.

xxx time skip xxx

You and Francois didn't do much. All you two did was walk around, talk, and mess with the staff.

It was late when you arrived home.

"See you later Francois." He drove away and you walked up to your apartment, and started to get ready for your night prowl.

You pulled on your black hoodie, some sweatpants, and pocketed the gun.

The sun set and you went out using the fire escape. It wasn't long before a man came walking past. You pulled your hood over your eyes.

You jump out in front of him and pointed the gun at him.

"Empty your pockets." He got on his knees and turned his pockets inside out.

"I don't have anything. Please don't hurt me!" He shook with fear.

"Go on and get out of here." You kicked his side and he got up and scrambled away.

Returning to the shadows, you waited for your next victim.

A man walked by and you tripped him, sending him to the ground.

Putting your foot on his back, not allowing him to get up, you pointed the gun to the back of his head.

"What do ya got? I don't care if you only have pocket change, I want it." It took you a second to see that this stranger had shaggy shoulder length blond hair and smelled of smoke.

He turned his head and you got a clear view of his face.

It was Francois.

"What the heck _____?!" He yelled.

You dropped your gun and jumped back.

"Oh my gosh Francois. I am so sorry. I had no idea it was you!" You started to run away but he tackled you, then straddled your waist.

"Why didn't you tell me you were having trouble with money? I would have helped you!" You looked away and sighed.

"I wouldn't be able to pay you back. I can't keep a stinking job and I couldn't live with myself knowing I'd be stealing money from my best friend." You ran a hand through your hair.

"Knowing you'd be able to eat would be payment enough!" He got off of you and pulled you to your feet.

"I can barely even pay to live in my apartment!"

"Then why don't you come live with me and Matt? We won't mind your company and you can have the guest room." He picked up the gun and threw it deeper into the alleyway.

"You don't have to do this. Come live with us." He grabbed your shoulders and made you look into his eyes.

"Well, I don't know. I guess I will." He gave a slight smile and lit a cigarette.

"Then let's get packing."

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