Chapter 16

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When I get in bed that night I can't bear it. I shouldn't be alone. I don't deserve it.
I turn on the lamp and read on my phone for a while. I'm restless. Nothing can help me at this moment in time, so I decide to make my way to the living room and lay on the couch opposite from Ashton.
"What's up?" he asks looking up from his phone that he was clearly tweeting on (I got notifications).
I pause trying to think of how to phrase my feelings.
"It's too empty and downbeat." I say letting a tear fall down my face.
"I know. I feel the same way. Just try not to think of the worse and get some sleep." he says half-smiling at me.

When I finally get to sleep it's after 2am. The boys have their second concert today. Or is it cancelled? They can't play without him, can they?

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