Chapter 15

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Evening. No response from Luke or any hint of where he went. I've been crying on the couch for a while now. "Maybe he went to the store to get some vegemite." Ash suggests, trying to cheer me up. "You're not helping." I say flipping over on the couch. The Dave defense squad has been looking for him all day, even tweeting that they're on a search. It's not fair that I lost my boyfriend when I spent this much time and effort trying to find him.
After I tried calling the police station and his own phone about 30 times, I gave up. I sat in bed thinking of the worst things that could have happened to him. 'He could be in the middle of nowhere. He could have been mugged!' I thought.
Brooke opened the door.
"I'm so sorry Mel. I would try to help, but we've done everything we can."
I shivered at my thoughts.
"But Brooke, do you think he's been... kidnapped?" I ask teary eyed and shaking.
"Oh don't think like that." she says sitting next to me on the bed. She grabs my hands. "It is going to be okay."
Brooke always finds a way to comfort me. I take a deep breathe.

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