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Chapter 14

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When we were all done eating, of course we sat down again. Michael took a shower.
Someone pounded on the door.
"I'll get it." Luke announces setting his phone down and walking to the door.
"I need to speak to you out here." a deep-voiced man says. Luke says okay and walks out into the hallway.
A few minutes later and he still doesn't come back in.
"What's he doing out there anyway?" Calum asks, Brooke snuggling next to him. I turn off Pandora and try to hear what's happening.
"Okay then..." I say. I walk over and open the door. "Luke?" I ask peering down the empty hallway. "I'll be back guys." I say peering back into the room and shutting the door again. Where could he have gone? I walk down the hallway and turn a corner. This is worrying me. Even though I'm breathing a little heavier I keep peeking. "Luke!?" I ask a little louder.
He doesn't answer again. "Maybe he would answer his phone..." I say. I pick up my phone and dial his number. Ring. Ring. Ring. Please leave your message at the tone. "Hey Luke, it's Melanie. Where are you? Everyone is getting worried. Anyway, call me back. Bye."

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