WTF? (August x Maya)

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HEADLINES BREAKING NEWS: IS THERE GONE BE TROUBLE IN PARADISE? Female RAP QUEEN Maya Amour Alsina was way to comfortable on stage with rapper Drake aka Champagne PAPI ! Is there a little more going on between the two rappers and label mates? Seems as if, While on stage Drake got a little to close. First act started off with Drake all on Maya Amour, There has been several occasions the two have been ALL UP ON each other. including in music videos which I will post more photos later

(A/N: I will post more photos later)


I was on newsfeed, And came across these photos on Maya and Drake. She was all on this nigga. I mean, they was on each other in her music videos but this right here? This than got out of control. I'm pissed as hell.

Text to Maya 💍👰,

"Maya, WTF is this shit about you and that nigga drake?"


"August, it's nothing. I promise you! I love you and only you. I already talked to him about it. Media is putting it out there in a different way. You know he's like a brother to me, I would never do anything to disrespect you."

Text to Maya 💍👰,

"How is that not disrespecting me? He's all on you and you all on him?? I get in the music videos it was just asking and shit, But what is THIS?!?!?! *attached photo*"


"August, I'm not cheating on you."

Text to Maya 💍👰,

"As hard as I wanna believe you. This shit ain't doing nothing but making believe sum else."


"C that's what media wants to happen and you're just giving in to that BULLSH*T. You think I would cheat on you? I KNOW HOW IT FUCKING FEELS TO BE BETRAYED. IT HURTS AUGUST AND YOU THINK IM GONE DO THE SAME TO YOU??? You got me fucked up, August."

I sighed because she was right, Why would I let this dumb shit, some stupid photos get between what we than built.?

Text to Maya 💍👰,

"Baby...Im Sorry."

She never replied. Damn man.

"Daddy, We going to the mall. MJ going with us!" Autumn said

I sniffed and wiped my tears, "Aight. You need some money?"

"No" the girls said

"I do" MJ said coming over to me holding his hands out

I reached in my back pocket

"MJ get your butt over here. We got you." April said

I grabbed my wallet and gave him a hundred dollar bill and kissed his temple, "That's for you"

"K" he smiled going back to his sister



I couldn't believe August wouldn't believe me after all the shit we built together. I cried and Wayne looked over at me

"Princess, You alright?" He asked sitting next to me

"Yeah" I sniffed wiping my tears

"You sure?" He asked

I laid my head on his shoulder, "Yeah, I'm good."

"You sure cause you don't have to go out there?" He said

"Yeah, Let's go" I said dapping my face and going to my dressing room

My makeup artist fixed up my makeup and I grabbed my mic and went onstage with Drake and Wayne. We did our due even though part of my act was grinding on Drake, I had to do something about these rumors.

"You guys, Do NOT believe these rumors. I'm not with Drake, He's my brothers. So chill. LETS GO. "I spoke as the music started

"Let's get on with this GODDAMN SHOW! YOUNG MULA BABEHH !"

WE Did our thing and I went to my dressing room.


"Come on." I sniffed dapping my makeup

Drake came in and shut the door behind him

"Look, I'm sorry about making the rumors seem even more true. And, I'm gone make things right."

I smiled, "Thank you"

"You welcome"

To be continued ...

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