"Sorry," I say, "The water looked so inviting so I just went in."
He takes a look at me. Then I realize I was swimming in my bra and panty, and they're pretty much see-through.

"Aren't you cold?" he asks

"Now that I'm out here... It was warm in the water."

He then put his arms around my wet shoulders and helps me to walk back to where I left my clothes.

"Thanks," I said when he hands me the dress.

He watches me getting dressed and picks up my shopping bags.
"Are you hungry?" he asks

"Very," I say, "Do you want to grab fish tacos from that cart?"

"Fish tacos? he says, "I was thinking we order room service."

"Oh Jimmy, we're in Florida. We've got to eat fish tacos!" I pull his hand, "Come on."


"This is the best fish tacos I have ever eaten in my entire life," I say.

We are sitting at the bench overlooking the beach with our fish tacos and lemon squash.

"You're just very hungry," he says

"Maybe," I say, laughing.

"I was so worried, it's crazy," he says, "I don't even think I've recovered from it."

I look at him, "I'm sorry. I really am. I thought you'll be super busy and it wasn't that late... I did not know you'd finish this early."

"You could have at least text me."

"Sorry," I say, "Will never do it again." I smile.

"You better not."

I grab my lemon squash and take a slurp. "Anyway. Do you know what I was thinking when I was in the water?"

"Let me guess...," he says, "NOT about letting me know where you were?"

I throw my straw at him, "Enough."

He laughs, "What were you thinking?"

"That I never lived near the ocean," I say, "I grew up in New York, lived there all my life except for the four years I was in UK, and that's it. I have never had an ocean close to me. So I was thinking, maybe I should do it."

"Do what?"

"Move out here."

He scoffs, "Your job is in New York. You love your job too much."
"Oh come on. You know I can work in a magazine anywhere. I'm sure they have magazines in Florida."

"Yeah but it's not New York!"

"You're missing the point," I say, "Anyway, I'm considering it."

He looks at me, "Are you serious?"

I nod, "Do everything while you're young, right?"

"I don't think that statement covers about moving to Florida you see, because this city is known as the retirement city."

I laugh, "Whatever. I want to be near the ocean."

"But I'm in New York," he says

I chuckle, "You can do your shows from here from time to time."

"No, I think this is my last time doing it at the West Coast."


"West Coast audience is too easy to please. They laugh at all my jokes."

"Isn't that a good thing?" I smile

"I miss the tough East Coast audience already. They make me nervous."

I laugh, "I see."

He looks at me again. "Pam, I..."

"Hey you wanna walk back?" I ask, "I'm freezing. I need to get out of this clothes before I catch a cold."


The next day, after I had breakfast with Jimmy, I go to the park to explore the rides.
Jimmy will have his taping in the morning and he now says I don't have to go since it's a closed taping and I will be bored. He told me he'll just arrange us to have lunch with Jeff later.

So I start with the carousel (always start with the carousel), and then I try all the movie-related rides. I have the best time in Harry Potter area, try butterbeer, and eat weird food at Diagon Alley. I also shop a lot of Harry Potter stuff, though I don't know who I will give it to, or what I'll do with it when I get back to New York.

I was about to enter the wand shop trying to get myself some wand, when somone taps my back and say, "Look up to the sky."

I look up and I see a hot air balloon with the big Universal Studios sign on it.
Inside the balloon, however, was Jimmy, Jeff, and a giraffe.

"Oh God," I say, "Is that giraffe not gonna be afraid?"

"He's trained," the guy says and chuckles. I think he's from Jimmy's show because he's wearing a shirt that says so.

I was about to look back down when he says, "Wait! You've got to see this."

I look up again and there I see Jimmy, Jeff, and the Giraffee each hold a sign that says: WILL YOU BE MY GIRRA-FFRIEND?

The guy chuckles again, he looks at me, excited to see my reaction.

I panic.

"The audience didn't specifically know it's you," the guy says quickly, reading my expression. "Awhile ago in the show, Jimmy said that the girl of his dream might be anywhere, might even be in Universal Studios... So he said he'll ride a hot air balloon to go around, hoping that she's here. She will see him and probably accept his offer. It's a metaphor actually. Metaphor that will go viral in YouTube tomorrow."

"I get it. You guys are good," I smile, "And you're sent here to explain all this to me?"

"No," he smiles, "I'm sent here to get your answer."


After all that, I decide to continue my day in Universal. It feels weird, but I know it'd feel weirder if I just go back to the hotel. So I continue on with the rides, and spend an hour at the 4D show. By the time it's done, I can see the sun is setting.

"Oh my God, that's Jimmy Fallon!" I hear someone shouts.

I turn my face to look and there I see Jimmy standing in the middle of the park, in a humble khaki pants and sky blue checkered shirt.

He smiles when our eyes meet. He walks closer toward me, as I do toward him.

"So," he says. We are standing too close to each other, his nose is already touching mine, "Did you have a good day?"

I can feel the people around us are taking pictures with their phones. But strangely, I don't care.

I just want to kiss him.

"Did you get my answer from that guy?" I ask, smiling.

"That's why I'm here," he smiles and he kisses my lips.

The crowd claps their hands.


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