Chapter 10

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Jimmy was all smiles when I get of the cab.

"Private jet?" I ask, "I thought you're not a celebrity."

"This thing is sent by Universal," he says while taking over the luggage from my hand, "I guess they see me as celebrity."

I chuckle. We climb out the stairs and in there were a bunch of people who look very fixtated on their laptops.

"Meet the writers," Jimmy says when we step inside the cabin and see a bunch of people sitting facing their laptops, "Guys, this is Pamela."

They all say hi and go back to their laptops immediately.

"Let's go to the back, we get our private spot."

Private spot means the VIP compartment, which was allocated only for Jimmy, apparently. We sit down and the flight attendant offers us some champagne.

"Hey if you need to prepare for your show, go ahead okay," I say, "I brought books to read."

"Later," he says, "I want to talk to you first. Let's talk to each other."

I chuckle, "So who will be your guests?"

"Your favorite. Jeff the Animal Guy."

"What???" I say excitedly, "Awesome! Can I meet him?"

"Of course you can."

"I wish you luck for it while I'm out there playing rides."

"But you'll come watch the taping, right? I thought you wanted to meet Jeff."

"Only if I wasn't too caught up in amusement park moment. I was 7 when I went there, you know. I plan to get lost in the moment."

He smiles.


Jimmy got us a suite with two rooms (because he wouldn't dare to imagine, he said), and as soon as we got to the room, he has to start with rehearsal. I told him I'll be walking around and explore, so he should not be worried about me.

I put on my sunglasses, changed my high heels to flats, put my hair in sideway braids, and head outside. My plan was just to walk around and see the town, since I haven't been to the city in ages. Besides, Kim and Henry ask me to buy many things that they claim only available (or cheaper) in Florida, so I figure I go get them now.

I get lost with the track of time. Around ten shopping bags later, I find myself walking along the coast. The sun was already set, which I regret, but the beach looks a lot emptier than before. I stop at one of the big rocks and settle myself comfortable.


I watch the people who are still in the waters. They seem to be having fun.

Go. Swim.

Oh fuck it. I decide to take off my dress and swim.
My phone vibrates, but I don't have time to pick it up.

I run toward the water and let myself go.



I hear someone calling my name. I wipe my face and turn around. Someone is standing at the beach, waving his hand up in the air.

"Pamelaaaaaaaaaa!" he calls again.

Is that Jimmy?

I get out of the water and walk slowly toward the beach. As I get closer, Jimmy starts saying, "Geez I thought I'd lost you! You didn't pick up my calls, I was so worried!" he came running toward me, his face looks pale and worried.

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