18. A Knock From The Past

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After good four days, Taehyung was finally allowed to step out of the house, he took a walk in the gardens all by himself feeling a cold breeze against his skin.
He noticed Areum sitting under a tree emerged in her thoughts, she didn't pay attention to Taehyung who had walked up to her and stood right in front of her. He cleared his throat to gain her attention."I thought night hunters are alert all the time but look at you lost in your own world"

She sighed loudly, "Who else would be here except for you all....not that anyone else can enter here."

Taehyung noticed that she was sad for being trapped here, of course, it wasn't really a pleasant thing but this was the first time she was expressing it like this or maybe this was the first time he was able to see her like this. Before he could say anything he saw Jin coming towards them with a huge smile and followed by Saeyon. They were carrying a basket and a mat.

"Look we brought picnic," Saeyon said with much enthusiasm. She was slowly opening up to everyone except for Yoongi. For one, he looked very intimidating to her. For two, they hardly ever talked to each other for there was no need. 

Taehyung loved picnics as it is associated with the sweet memories of his mother. He doesn't have many memories of his mother since he was too young when she went to a better place away from this world. Going to picnics with Jin and his mother was one of the few memories he was left with.  After their mother, Jin took the responsibility of doing whatever their mother used to do for them, the responsibility of being his younger's mother, father and brother at the same time. When other children used to play and go on family outings, he was busy keeping both of them alive and fed. No one can compare him in Taehyung's life. 

Jin and Saeyon set up their picnic and opened their basket filled with snacks, fruits and his mother's special yellow candies.

"I think you will be free soon" Taehyung tried to assure Areum who was still lost in her thoughts and didn't pay attention to Jin and Saeyon or their picnic.

'Free of life?' she thought.

"Who told you I'm worried about it, I'm just nervous about the ball because I can't dance," She said sheepishly trying to hide her true thoughts.  When Areum expressed her worries the same thought crossed Saeyon's mind. She can't dance as well.

Taehyung started laughing at Areum's comment.

"Well that's not a big problem then," Jin said leaning his body on the tree trunk. Saeyon and Areum gazed at him for an explanation as to what he meant by that.

"Well the person standing in front of us is one of the best dancers in the whole community." Jin pointed at Taehyung. Saeyon and Areum both were surprised. 

"You can dance?" Saeyon asked. She was at ease that one of them can dance so it won't be awkward during the actual dance for they won't look like chickens jumping around.

"Of course he can! He is even been awarded as the most popular male to dance with every girl in the ball even including the daughter of the King..." The elder brother was praising his younger brother but as he realized what he was saying; he came to a halt and looked at all three of them. Saeyon looked unimpressed and Taehyung face palmed himself at the talkative behavior of his brother.

"Well that was a long time ago like 4 years, he didn't even go to that kind of event now haha..." Jin tried to explain the situation laughing nervously.

"I highly doubt that, "Areum said making a face.

"Well that was dare given by my friend that I needed to dance with the Princess but I couldn't just run upto her so I had to do all this planning to make her dance with me!" Taehyung explained scratching the back of his head. Both the girls exchanged an unimpressed look.

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