17. The Dress Hunt

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A/N: I've edited this chapter half asleep so there may be some mistakes lol. 


Everyone was busy doing their work. Areum and Saeyon were practicing, Yoongi was still asleep since he came back late last night from the outhouse. Jin still strictly restricted Taehyung to come out of his room and he was still working on his medicine to make it more effective.

With a soft whip of air, an elf appeared.

"Master!" Elf Said and Jin came out from his lab at the sudden voice.

"Yes? Who are you looking for?"

"My apologies for my late appearance!" Elf bows down a little.

"I'm looking for Master Taehyung!" Jin nodded and called Taehyung down.

"You are from Sumi's shop?" Taehyung asked.

"Yes Sir! Here are the dresses my master specially prepared as per your demand!" She waved her tiny hand and countless dresses appeared in their huge hall.

"What's all this noise about!" Yoongi said in an irritated voice as he came down still half asleep, his white skin turning red because of the lack of sleep.

"My apologies master. It won't happen again" Elf quickly apologized.

"I asked my friend to prepare the dresses for Areum and Saeyon and also for us!" Taehyung answered Yoongi.

Yoongi sat down on the sofa rubbing his eyes as he is still half asleep, "That's great. I'd almost forgot"

"Girls are here!" Jin announced and everyone turned to look in their direction. They both were drenched in sweat because they were practicing. They were amazed to see another elf there.

"Greetings to everyone!" Elf greeted finally as all were present now.  Girls got excited seeing so many beautiful dresses. Elf started showing them some gowns.

"Woww!" Saeyon whispered under her breath and Areum looked as amazed as Saeyon. Areum looked around in dresses and liked one of them.

"I'll try this one!" She said grabbing one of the dresses and went to the nearby room to try. She never had tried these kinds of dresses before as her work doesn't require dressing up like this and even when there were any parties of these magical creatures and hunters needed to disguise and spy on them occasionally, she'd never go. It was usually Sora or Jimin and others would join them every now and then if they wished so. 

Saeyon was also excited to get one for herself as she has never even seen these kinds of dresses before. She was looking at all dresses in awww.

"You can try anyone you want and if you like it you can get that for yourself also," Taehyung said from behind making her flinched. She was starlet because of his sudden voice from behind but Taehyung thought she was still scared of him so he took some steps back making some distance as she always does and gave her a small smile.

Saeyon picked a dress and went to the same room as Areum so they could help each other with the dresses.,

Jin was looking through the racks of suits for him and his brothers"Taehyung and Yoongi,  I've selected a few pair of suits for both of you, come take a look". Both of them went to him to check out the suits. 

Areum comes out of the room."It fits me perfectly!" She was wearing a beautiful gown which complimented her skin tone perfectly. It had black shining flowers everywhere in the dress.

Yoongi looked at her and immediately rejected the dress. "No! Change this."


The dress was showing too much of her cleavage. He didn't know what to say so he just looked at her with a 'change-this-dress-right-now' face.

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