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The year 2735 5 vampire rule what is left of earth. 5 kings watch over the vampires. Most humans were made into meals or a few lucky one's are slaves. Humans who are not slaves or meals live in fear of be caught or killed.

Humans who were made into slaves by vampires could have any thing down to them. Some sold, some did hard work vampires and their maids didn't want to do, food source, or a punching bag. Some say slaves were treated better then free humans. I don't believe them.

My name is Skyler I've been hiding with my father for years. Training to kill vampires and hide amongst vampire. I hope to stop the vampire population one day.


This is my first story here. I do write on Quotev. Please tell me how I do. This is a story One Direction wouldn't do things like thisThanks for reading enjoy.

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