Truth or Dare - 15

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Hi! Back again! This chappie will focus on Fury's sugar rush


Despite Maria's silent prayers, Fury's sugar rush only got worse. 

He was now bouncing on his seat, a wide grin on his face, acting suspiciously like a five year old. 

And, in all honesty, Maria had lied. He wasn't at a birthday party - he had to take a serum for a mission so it would make him seem younger a week or so ago and the side effects hadn't seemed to subside. 

So, Maria and Carol both went to Avengers Tower, knowing the Avengers would help Fury - or lock him away either options were okay. 

What they didn't expect was to walk in the tower, where all the Avengers were playing Truth or Dare in. So that was interesting. 

Goose purred on Carol's lap as she stroked the cat- no, Flerken. 

Carol spun the bottle, which, to Maria's disappointment, landed on Fury. "Truth," he exclaimed. Carol smirked, and gave Maria an evil look. 

"Nick, how 'bout you tell everyone how you lost your eye," Carol suggested. 

Fury's expression turned cold and annoyed. "Well, it was in the 1990s when I first met Carol," Fury begun, and Maria swallowed. "We were catching some Kree or whatever and Goose-"

"Goose?" Drax interrupted, and Fury jerked his thumb to the Flerken sitting on Carol's lap. 

"-we had a detour, and he scratched my eye," Fury finished, and the whole room burst into laughter. Fury regained his five year old personality. 

"You told me 'Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye'!" Steve exclaimed. "Oh, god." 

And that was just the beginning of Fury's embarrassment, Maria thought, while dragging a hand down her face. 

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