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He's Your Older Brother's Friend, And He Likes You

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Zayn: As soon as he stepped into the room, all eyes were on him. A hot new senior who also happened to be your brother's best friend. "Who's that?" you whispered to your friend. "Zayn Malik. Too good for anyone in this whole damn school," she replied. You sighed, watching him pass by. There was no chance that a sexy senior like him would date you, a sophomore. So you decided to play it off and hide your feelings. "He's probably a dick," you said with a shrug. "Are you blind or something?! Any girl would kill to have him," your friend said. And it was true--every girl was watching him with longing eyes. But the strange thing was, he was completely ignoring all of it, he was too focused on something else. You.

Louis: "Y/B/N!" you shrieked as you threw a blanket over yourself. There you were in your pajamas, eating Nutella straight out of the container, when your brother decided to show up in your room. "Calm down, I just wanted to introduce you to my friend, Louis," your brother said. "Trying to set me up with one of your loser friends? Sorry, I'm not that desperate." Your words were simple and to the point. You were about to push him out of your room, when someone appeared behind him. "Hey, I'm Louis," the stranger said with a quick wave. It didn't take long for you to realize that you'd made a mistake. You'd just insulted possibly one of the hottest men you'd seen in your life. "Louis Tomlinson," he added, smiling. You repeated the name to yourself: Louis Tomlinson. Hopefully a name you wouldn't soon forget.

Liam: You bit your lip as you hung behind your older brother and his friends, who were already ten feet in front of you. To be honest, you felt awkward and completely left out. Your parents were forcing you to have 'sibling bonding time' with him, when in reality, you were just tagging along to wherever he and his friends wanted to go. "I'm tired, can we go home now?" you whined. Your brother turned to you with an annoyed look. "Does it look like I care?" he shot back. You were about to respond, when one of your brother's friends, Liam, spoke up, "Erm, I could take you home if you want." Everyone stared at him in confusion, even you. "You sure about that?" you questioned. "Yeah, c'mon," he replied, nodding toward his car. You wanted to believe he was just being friendly, but you couldn't. There was something more to it than that.

Harry: "Stay away from him. He's trouble, Y/N," your brother said to you just before he opened the front door. You rolled your eyes. Most of your brother's friends were as creepy as hell, so you highly doubted that this Styles guy would be any different. Still, you were curious to see him, so you lingered around, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. To say you were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Harry was simply gorgeous, there was no denying it. There was something about the fact that you couldn't have him that made you want him that much more. There was a brief moment when your eyes locked, and that was all it took. The lustful gleam in his eyes spoke a thousand words. "Fuck," you mumbled to yourself as you remembered your brother's words: "He's trouble."

Niall: You heard the front door swing open, followed by a loud crash. You groaned, already knowing what was going on. Your brother was drunk again. You hurried out of your room and made your way down the stairs. "Y/B/N, are you okay?" you called. When you finally made it to the living room, you were a little startled. A blonde-haired boy was sitting next to your brother on the couch, patting his back. "Erm, who are you?" you asked. The boy looked up, his cheeks immediately flushing pink. "Niall. I'm a friend of Y/B/N's. I drove him home after a pretty, er, wild party," he explained. You nodded, mumbling a quick 'thanks' before crouching down beside your brother. Then you glanced up at Niall, who was still watching you. "Is there anything else you need?" you asked. He chuckled. "How about your name?"

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