Chapter 8

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After Trigonometry, Reana had the best period of all. Lunch. And it seemed so did Lily and her friend, Benny. So they made their way to the cafeteria. Once there Reana looked around to see if she spotted her sisters. She was about to turn around and look down the hallway when she saw them enter through the door on the other side of the cafeteria.

 Reana waved at them and pointed to the table where Benny was already sitting. They reached the table together and sat.

 "Hey, I know you." Rina said as she looked at the other boy that sat with them. He had bark brown hair and an ear piercing. "You're in my Persian class."

 He frowned for a bit, "Oh yeah, you're the chic that actually knows Persian. Rina?"

 "Yeah, dad had my sisters and me studying languages. And it's actually Karina but I'm frequently called Rina."

 "Frederico Rodrigues." He said holding out his hands for a shake.

 "So Benny, you're a freshman like Lily?' Reana asked.

 Benny shock his head, "No, Fred and I are seniors, like yourselves. We just had Trig together."

 "Well since you're all introducing yourselves without me I might as well give you'll the low-down." Lily said as she sat in the seat next to Benny. "Benjamin Palmeiro and Frederico Rodrigues. Meet Adreana, Karina and Rosetta."

 "Hey, that's the same name as your cousins in Italy." Ben said with a small smile.

 The girls gazed snapped to their cousin.

 "Hey don't look at me like that. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time so dad had to tell them. It was either that or kill them." Lily defended.

 "On a scale of 1-10, how much do they know?" Rina questioned.

 "I'd say about a 15." Henry said as he parked himself on the other side Fred.

 "We are their cousins." Rose informed the boys which had them slack jawed.

 "Does that mean you guys get to used cool weapons and stuff?" Fred asked.

 The girls gazed went to their cousins once again.

 "Okay, I guess it's more like a 12." Henry corrected himself.

 "Something like that." Reana said to the boys.

 "This is so cool," Benny gushed. "First we were friends with the cousins of the mafia now we're friends with the daughters of the mafia."

 Lily frowned at them, "No. You guys are friends with the Italian mafia's princesses."

 "And I forgot my tiara at home." Rose complained.

 Her sister looked at her, "Seriously?"

 "What? The one time they call me a princess I'm not wearing tiara."

 Thought the sisters were bickering they were actually happy. Happy that for once they were looked upon in awe instead of fear.


 After talking with the gym teacher and getting a spare uniform the girls made their way to the locker room.

 Quickly changing into the black shorts and grey tee they went back into the gym Mrs. Norway had already set up the net, "We're playing volleyball today. Boys verses girls. Let's go." She said from her seat near the wall. She was an elderly woman near to her retirement age. This week was her last week working before she retired and head off to Cancun, so she thought it would be nice to have a last fun game with the kids.

 Everyone was excited. It had been a while since they played. The boys were already making their wagers on what they were going to make the girls do when they win and so were the girls. The Anderson triplets just stood by as the girls whispered in groups until Mrs. Norway blew the whistle to start the game.

 "You girls are going down." A boy teased a girls at the front lines.

 "I wonder how good you'll look in a maid outfit and heels." She teased right back.

 Mrs. Norway picked one person from each team to play rock paper scissors to find out who would serve first. After three tries, the boys were first.

 43 minutes later, everyone was sweating and determine for their team to break the tie. They had one minute left before the end of the game and they were struggling.

 The ball came towards Reana who hit it back towards the boys, but she didn't put enough power to her hit. Rose and Rina saw that the ball wasn't going to make it over the net, Rose started running forward to her sister, Rina who was looking up at the ball, ready to hit it to the boys who anticipated the move. But they didn't see Rose running up to her from behind.

 Just as the ball was making its way down and Rina raised her hand to hit it, she dropped to the floor so that Rose could step onto her back and Rina lunged her up so that she could smack the ball over the net and right into the face of a boy then bounced to the ground, giving the girls the final, winning score.

 "Victory!!" The girls screamed as the embraced Reana, Rina and Rose.

 "And that's how you win a volleyball game." The girl's team captain, who happened to be the same girl that was teased at the front lines, said to the boys.

 Mrs. Norway who was watching it all was shocked at how well the sister worked but that was expected from triplets. "Alright everyone." She said as she got out of her seat and walked over to the net. "Come Monday, you boys will be wearing maid outfits, everything it includes, and either heels or flats. I'll leave that here so that your new teacher will know. I know how you children work so I'll also be emailing your parents so that they'll be informed. There is no way you'll be getting out of this. Go get changed." She laughed as the boys started whinnying for another chance, but she didn't listen.

 As everyone made their way to their locker room she called put that they were going to play dodge ball tomorrow.

 In the locker room the girls were still celebrating, loving the feel of victory.

 "How did you guys do that?" Someone asked.

 Rose shrugged, "I don't know. I just went on instinct."

 "Dido for me." Rina said as she pulled on her sneakers.

 "I guess it's more of a triplet thing." Reana added as she placed her bag onto her shoulder, waved to the girls in the locker room and walked out of the gym, her sisters right behind her. Once outside the building they started their separated ways.

 "Well I'll see you guys later, I have Pre Cal." Rose said as she walked backwards to the math building.

 "And I have History." Rina said, "Kill me know."

 Reana laughed at them and took out her schedule. But before she could read it there was a voice behind her.

 "You and your sister play a mean game of volleyball."

 She turned and saw it was Dmitry. "Yeah, mom was an outdoor person, had us playing all these games, sometimes it's our brother who challenges us." She smiled as she remembered those times. She wondered if they'll ever have that chance again.

 She shook her head not wanting to look depressed, "Well I should get going, I have English."

 She waved and started walking away but, once again, in the wrong direction.

 "Reana?" Dmitry called. She faced him smiling and curious for what he had to say. He pointed to his right. "English is that way."

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