The Beginning

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if you came looking for incredible writing, a fantastic plot, and an exceptional storyline, you have clicked the wrong book by far. i wrote this series when i was eleven and looking back on it, i realize that my writing has improved and changed over the years. with that knowledge it's easy to say that you should expect many grammatically incorrect chapters, an okay plot, and many other flaws if you choose to read anyways. thank you for reading this note and goodbye!

Wendy: Group A, Subject A78, The Replacement

a gleaming sixteen year old girl with no idea of what she caused before she came up the box with a strong passion for the blonde glader who can't seem to look her in the eye

Newt: Group A, Subject A5, The Glue

a broken sixteen year old boy mourning over his dead soulmate who is infuriated with the new arrival that he claims is responsible for Isabella's death

Newt and Wendy: a pair of completely polar opposites who seem to learn to quit hating and to start forgiving

Wendy was head over heels for the blonde haired boy called Newt.

She adored him at first sight, wanted to learn more about him when he first grabbed her hand and pulled her from the box.

She thought he just needed time to adjust to her, but waiting months for acceptation was too much for the girl.

Something had happened before she arrived that had broken Newt into millions of pieces, and Wendy was determined to glue him back together, but he refused.

She was intrigued with him, but to Newt, she was just a violation

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