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Chaeyoung's POV

I held my breath, trying to steady the nervous fluttering of my wings. They had a mind of their own today, unable to come to a standstill. My thoughts ran ahead of me, and I was left floundering unable to grasp on to threads.

What should I worry about first?

That I had been summoned before God? Not even Metatron, the Voice of God, but straight up to God Themselves?

That I will finally be cast down into hell, where I clearly belong for all the rules I have broken just because of my love?

That I will be banished from my home, that I will lose my celestial powers, that I am revolting and disgusting and beyond corrupted? That I will no longer be able to perform my duties and be relieved of serving God?

That they will torture me just to find out about Lisa? That they will burn me up? That I will be considered an abomination, all because I fell in love with a Fallen?

Lisa, I'm scared.

Questions piled up and I felt the tears start to prick my eyes, making them burn. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to run to Lisa and hide myself in her strong arms, with her wings of darkness enveloping us and hiding us away, holding me close to her beating heart.

How did they find out?

No, that question is obvious. God Sees all, God Knows all. How many times had that been hammered into my head? We were the foolish ones to believe we would get away for a while longer, always a little while longer.

How long had I watched over humans go through this same agony? How long had I watched brave lovers of every race and colour battle against their fate to be with each other? How long had I watched over couples fighting to stay together against all odds stacked up against them?


I had watched the same story over and over and over and over for millennia, blissfully unaware that one day I too would be facing a very similar predicament.

I watched them over the aeons, rooting for them, crying for them, wondering how I could possibly help when I was so helpless myself: I was merely an angel of song, an agent of music.

I was young, powerless and without even my halo yet—the most I could do was whisper encouragements. Ranked amongst the lowest orders in the celestial hierarchy, I had no say in changing a human's fate. That power belonged to the Seraph, the highest order of angels. Even now that I ranked higher after acquiring my own halo, I still held no sway over mankind's fate.

And thus I sat and observed until a certain mischievous Fallen One with coal black wings came along and caught my eye. Things were never the same afterward. I was no longer the bystander in human's quest for love; now I was on my own journey alongside Lisa facing our own set of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Both Lisa and I were well aware that this day would come. Yet, we desperately wanted to pretend that our idyllic relationship could have carried on blissfully, eternally.

An eternity with Lisa, chasing each other through the seasons in between kisses, laughter, hugs, gentle caresses and tender love-making beneath our favourite maple tree.

It wasn't meant to be, of course it wasn't. The humans had their stories of star-crossed lovers, and this was ours: a Fallen and a celestial angel discovered the joys of being known and loved even though their relationship was forbidden by all accounts.

It was a tragedy in the making, yet passion was too strong, desire too overpowering, the prospect of learning knowledge previously withheld from us too tempting to resist. I had tried to hold strong at first any time our paths crossed. Lisa, however, seemed intrigued enough to return and try to initiate communication with me, but I held firm and ignored her. 

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