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Until the age of ten you are free to do anything you want. But once you reach that age, they take your freedom away and you become just one more person on the plane with no meaning whatsoever.

From the information they got from you from your first ten years of living, they make up a label and tattoo it on the inside of your wrist.

That label will define you, your future, your life. And even if you want to, you can't change the assigned label. You don't have the freedom to change and mature. They force you to live by your label.

The biggest majority of people are completely okay with that. They learnt that they have to respect their label so they let it control their minds and play along.

But there's one big group who aren't okay with this situation. They want to scream their lungs out for freedom. They want to cut off the skin where that word that defines them is written.

They don't want to be labeled. They want to be who they want and play by their own rules.

They pray for freedom of mind.

In a prestigious international school in Sydney had perfect examples of those rebels.












4 boys and 7 girls were lost in an enormous world where they did not belong. They wanted to fight for their freedom but were forced to keep their mouths shut.

There were, of course, more people like them in that school but they were the ones who came together and took a chance.

They got together in the most improbable ways and definitely not the best. But they still fought for what they believed was right despite their differences.

They were decided to rip that label off their wrists and create a whole new world.


Dedicated to my very good friends @waterfxlls @fluridakilos @cryinghood @coldcaffeine @hannahg1043 and @noreturns

hope you like it :)



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