Ch 13 || quidditch

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Sorry about how long it took to update, my update schedule is going to be really work for the next two months because of exams. But yea, here you go, a solid chapter. Yay.

Third person pov

The tension in between the houses in the corridors, classes and mealtimes was high. Like really, really high, especially for the more senior years. A few of the first years understood this was because of the upcoming quidditch season, but many were still clueless. Some kept to themselves, while the others happily participated in throwing insults at other houses across the hallways.

Capricorn pov

Why. Just why. [Mood lmao.]

"Hey, What's a quitch?" Aries whispered to me.

"Nothing, you idiot." I heard Scorpio say from her other side.

"But I heard some seniors say it."

"You heard wrong. It's quidditch, you uncultur-"

"Shut up and just tell me what it is."

"It's a game." I cut in, not in the mood to hear them argue. I mean, when was I ever?

"Ohhhhh sounds fun. Can we play?"

"You don't even know the rules." Scorpio murmured something else that was too low for me to hear, but I'm sure it wasn't very flattering.

"Then tell me." I sighed, ready to give a full on explanation.

[The explanation is given on the next chapter for those of you who don't know what it is.]

As soon as I was finished, I saw Aries looking at me with huge eyes and Scorpio nowhere to be found.

"Where's Scorpio?"

"Who cares? Quitch sounds really fun!"

"It's quidditch," I corrected, and somehow her idiocy [is that a word? or is it idioticy? lol yea I stupid as fuck UwU] ended up bringing a smile to my face.

"Did you just..." she dramatically clutched her heart, and I gave her a confused glance. "Smile!" she started falling into me, but I side-stepped, letting her fall flat on her face.


'Now, tell me where's Scorpio." I demanded.

"Chill dude, he just went to hang out with the other guys." I sighed before grabbing Aries by her leg and dragging her to the dorm while she complained loudly about being dragged.

Libra pov

Quidditch this, quidditch that. The excitement for Halloween had barely died down, nevermind, it hadn't even started dying down before the excitement for quidditch took it's place. At first I didn't understand what was happening, but that's what friends are for. After Aquila explained it's basics to us clueless chickens, I realized what all the tension in the air and the insulting and everything was about.

"Hey, Libra, the others are going for a walk, wanna come?" I turned around to see Aquila holding my scarf out expectantly. I took it from her hands and wrapped it around my neck before following her to the others.

"Hey Lib!" Cance called out, and I smiled in acknowledgement. However stupid, these people were growing on me. 

"Hey Hey hey!" greeted the twins simultaneously, throwing finger guns at me. I waved, and shrieked as something suddenly attacked me.

"Leo what the frick!" 

"Sorry, I got excited." she grinned at me, before grabbing me and Cance and dragging us out. I gave Aquila a 'save me' look, but she just shrugged and laughed, following after us with the twins.

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