the arthur

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hello it took alot of courage to write this story so i hope you like and enjoy your self be vote and comment thank you for reading....


tarlina p.o.v

i woke really sore god it hurts like hell sorry i didn't introduce my self hello my name is tarlina i am 17 years old and go amends high i am also called the freak since my mother left us my father have being blaming it on me since that day i have been beaten raped and a lot of other stuff but i got used to it i should get downstairs and get ready for school and cook his breakfast really fast.

"hey bitch you better have my breakfast ready" my father shouting

from down his room

yes father"i said it back

don't call me that"cause i am not the father of a slut and a whore now get out of my face and house you bitch" my father said

i just got out and left the hell hole i call home.

as i got to amend high i got in i got some glares and sneeres from some people but that all stopped when the hottest guy i have ever seen came in with to other sexy guys i was just i freak so i have no chance in any of them so nice i just left and looked one more but this the time the one standing in the middle so staring right at me i didn't know what to say to him when he was just starring at me like i was the most beautiful thing that existed like am not gonna fall for that i know am pathetic so am not gonna get my hopes up.

but that's just not me i am not rich or beautiful am filthy and unuseful brat that's wat my father says to me every time and i got use to it so no pikky!!!

i just wish i was beautiful their was some mercy in this he'll hole.