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Jacks POV.

It's been a little over 2 hours since Elena left and with every passing moment my anxiety rises.

I sent Shawn to go look for her 45 minutes ago and he hasn't gotten back which only adds to my anxiety.

I know what I did was wrong but that doesn't mean I'm completely heartless.

'Yes it does Jack, you humiliated her in front of hundreds of people who the fuck does that?' my subconscious adds.

I shake my head and gulp down a shot of vodka. Just as I bring my head up I see Shawn walk through the front door.

I push past people and make my way towards him.

"Did you find her? Is she is safe?" I ask needed to know.

"I don't know."

"What the fuck do mean 'I don't know'" ?

"Well I found her and I offered her a ride, but she said no and left." He explains.

"And you fucking let her walk alone at night where someone could easily kidnap her. Especially in the state that she's in. What the fuck is wrong with you?" I spit in his face.

"What's wrong with me? You're the one that fucked up mate. You embarrassed her, not me. You made her cry, not me. You're the reason she's out on the streets of New York City alone at 4:26 in the morning freezing her ass off, not me. If you cared so much for her why did you send me to go look for her huh Jack? Why aren't you out there looking for her yourself." He says and throws a punch hitting me and left cheek.

That's definitely going to cause a bruise in the morning. I wanted to tell him off and cause him the same pain he just did with his words, but I can't. He's right.

Elena Marie Collins is out there hurting and it's my fault.

I grab my keys and head to my car hoping to find the girl I'm desperately looking for.


After driving around for about 30 minutes I decide to check her house. I get there within ten minutes and walk up the doorsteps.

What am I supposed to say?

"Oh hey Elena I know I embarrassed you and caused you pain but I still want to make sure if you're okay."

Yeah, she'd be so happy to hear that.

I begin pacing back and forth until the door opens.

"Shawn get it through your fucking head I don't want anything to do with you so leave me the fuck alone." I smirk before replying.

"Now now, I don't think that's how you welcome a guest into your home, or is it Collins?"

"You're not welcome here, Jack. "

I take this time to look at her and I'm truly disgusted by myself.

She looks as if she's been crying for hours and her eyes. They hold nothing but pain, fear and vulnerability.

"I want you to leave." She says interrupting my thoughts.

"Yeah and I'd like to be a billionaire but I guess we're both not getting what we want."

"Leave Jack, now." She says more demanding.


"Can you just leave Jack? I think you've done enough already."

"I'm holding my ground and I'm not going anywhere Elena."

"Fine then you leave me no choice, if you don't leave I'm going to call the cops and they'll deal-" she begins to say but it's my turn to interrupt her.

"I'm not fucking leaving until you tell my why you kept Paris a secret from me."


Harry is turning 21 tomorrow and I'm not mentally, physically or emotionally ready for this.

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