Black Cat Arc #1

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There once was a Monster, all alone in the world. No place to call home and no one to call family. He wondered around the massive kingdom looking for whatever adventure he could.

One day, the Monster met a curious Black Cat. The Cat was also alone. She only had herself as company and she longed for another to spend time with. She offered the Monster a place by her side. The Monster accepted.

And this became the start of something much greater than either of them could ever imagine.

Year 1

A lot has happened in the two years following your fight with the Hydra bots. For starters, snow has finally hit the ground. The entire city was now blanketed in a white sheet of cold. It was both beautiful, and annoying. You still hated the damn cold.

Though, at least you had a roof over your head again. Kinda.

Since you met the Black Cat on the rooftop that night, you've been staying with her in her place. It wasn't really anything great. Just an old abandoned apartment that no one ever came around to. As it turns out, she was just as alone as you were.

Black Cat, or Cat as you often called her, was a bit of a mystery. She stopped wearing her mask around on day one but she refused to tell you her name for the longest time. You learned it was Felicia. Felicia Hardy. And she was in fact older than you, by a year. She allowed you to sleep in the other side if the room.

She was also somehow smart and stupid at the same time.

She also didn't seem to care that you were around when she would walk into the room with just a towel on or no pants. It was torture. Honestly torture. You couldn't explain the feeling you got when she was around. You almost wished the Old Man had taught you about this stuff before he was killed.

What really got you was the sudden change in attitude she had occasionally. She would be so sweet and caring one moment, then she would suddenly be teasing you and planning heists.

You couldn't figure her out, so you stopped trying. Luckily, you got your answer within the first year.

Cat was Cat. Felicia was Felicia.

They were the same body, but different personalities.

Which one came first? You didn't know. She didn't either.

But she was your family. You both grew together, did jobs together, and you were both there for each other. It was honestly nice.

Cat: You see what I was talking about?

You nodded.

That brings us to now. To you and Cat kneeling in top of a building while scouting out the apartment you were going to rob a painting from. Some guy from Manhattan really wanted to win it in an auction, but he just didn't have the money for it. Looks like he does now, though.

Cat: I think we can enter by the balcony but this guy has to have some kind of security system in place.

She was looking at the apartment through her binoculars while you were able to see it just fine. One of your powers, you had guessed.

She tucked them away in her bag anturned to you as you looked at the apartment.

Cat: So, any plans?

You gave it some thought as you analyzed the building.

Y/N: We ask nicely if they can just give it to us?

Cat looked at you unamused while you smirked. She punched your shoulder, which hurt her more than it hurt you, and you looked back at the building.

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