I grinned and quickly texted him while rummaging through my makeup bag, getting ready.

A: Jesse Blue focus!

J: Can you not go please ? (puppy dog eyes)

A: Go back to your important meeting!

J: Geez woman, chill with the exclamation point. Alright I'm leaving, I'll see you soon.

A: see you :)

J: I love you babe.

The smile on my face lingered longer than what was considered normal. Deep down I felt that it was selfish of me to let him keep saying it and not replying back with the same, but the question still remained, was I ready?

Maybe it was not so much of a question but more of the fact that I was quite afraid and the effect this had was hitting me all at once in a struck. I knew I worked hard, cross that, trying to make this work with him. That's what I should be doing when he so effortlessly put everything into 'us'.

Wearing my jeans, a warm sweater and an over coat, as well as a pair of black converse, I was ready while checking my stuff once again by the living room. Thalia was making a phone call with her dad, telling him how this afternoon was going to go.

I headed down to the lobby, as I tried to get the remaining of my bag downstair. Thalia was bawling her eyes out and I tried to comfort her as much as I could. It was our first time not living together, even though we applied to different major, and we barely see each other then.

" I feel like I'm your mom," She blew into my jacket that hang loose on top of my suitcase, " You know the one that cries because her daughter is leaving for college."

I laughed at her comparison, "I'm not moving into another country, I'll be an hour away Thalia." My voice soft with subtle hint of tiredness.

- " besides it's a two years program. The whole thing is technically fast forward."

She didn't back up though, her arguing continued to be more ridiculous, "You could want more !"

I chuckled, " Who the hell in the world wants to go to school girl?"
Instead of replying, she hugged me so tightly that I felt like both our boobs might just explode.

A few minutes later Jesse arrived, of course bringing the papparazis with him. The security tried so hard to keep them away, only getting trampled effortlessly. I felt sorry and made sure I apologize to them on the way out.

Jesse's bodyguards took my stuff, as we waited inside. I didn't want him to get trampled either, but seriously Jesse wouldn't let me walk out there.

"Hey baby," Jesse whispered in my ear, as he wrapped his arm around my upper waist and I snuggled closer into his warm suit. I love how he smell.

" Hey Mr.Jesse."

" I like that," He whispered sexily.

"Stop it you two! It's like you are eye fucking each other," Thalia groaned. I cringed inwardly and threw her a glare.

Her expression soon masked that of a grin. I let go of Jesse and went to hug her for the last time. She didn't let me go for a while until I heard her sniffles. Poor Thalia.

"Hey, don't cry," I said softly, "we are going to see each other again okay?"

" I'm gong to miss you slut."

I chuckled, "I'm going to miss you too bitch."

She rubbed the tears from my eyes, and gave me a reassuring smile. I really was going to miss to miss her, she was not just my best friend, but also my sister. Things would be different wthout her.

" I love you."

" I love you more."

I silently hoped that Jesse didn't hear that, afraid that he would think I was picking side.

I headed out to the car with Jesse, while the crowd attacked us with flashes and questions.

'Is she moving in with you Jesse ?'

' Are you locking her up like your former dead wife?'

'Where is she going?'

'Are you guys running away ?'

Questions filled my mind and as soon I was inside the car, I looked at Jesse questioningly, " What do they mean by locking her up like your former dead wife?"


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