The weeks dragged by, but finally the day that Jesse had been dreading from came by. I was finally moving a couple of hours away from the city. Convenient for it was near my school, but inconvenient cause I'm so far away from everyone.

Thankfully I didn't see the man anymore after that night at my office, I shrugged it off as probably me being paranoid and overwhelmed.

After that night with Jesse, we had grown immensely closer than before. I could tell he was serious, and I was probably beating him from not saying it back. He though assured me that it was quite alright, he would wait for me.

At that moment I felt that I was hurting him and I dint like it. Maybe it was part of me shocked from it all, I never have anyone from the opposite sex said such endearment that I completely shut off mentally. Maybe my father did, but I was too young to barely remember. I've never heard any of it ever since he passed away.

Thalia, who was helping me pack my suitcase, was begging me to cancel this whole plan. She said she couldnt bear living without me, and I told her we were still going to be close, even though the one hour drive from my dorm to the apartment in the city.

" What about Jesse ?" She tried to reason. But she should have known that a man wont persuade me any better. I've been living all alone for almost all my youth that I could honestly say that I was happy with the situation. Jesse was my boyfriend, but I was still an independent woman.

Thankfully also the dorm I was staying in was a private dorm, which made it easier. I would have my privacy, without people being suspicious, or me having to turn around because my roomate wants to change her pants.

Lately my life has not been a complete peaceful-quite kind of days, I had camera men following me to do errands, to get starbucks, even to take a walk in the park. It had been hectic. News has been flying, apperently I was the famous woman who could date Jesse for longer than a week, that was a record they said. People say I was a gold digger, some said I used magic on him, while other praised me because I was not like the others. Even the day at the airport was airing on tv, making Jesse growled angrily and asked his team to shut it down and literally bought the media . I chose not to listen to any of them. I just hoped this attention wont lose me some of my familiy history or secret, that was not something I wanted the whole world to see.

" I'll see him if I have time, we're still going to date of course."

" Do you trust him being here alone without you watching?" She wiggled her eyebrow, and what she said suddenly hit me.

Did I trust him enough? I mean that blonde bitch, what was her name? Was still alive and working with Jesse.

" That's why I have you my friend, " I smirked, pretending not to care about what she said.

I placed my last belonging that I needed, and began zipping up my bags. I have a total of 4 huge heavy boxes, which I was not excited to unpack once I got there. I'll be moving this evening and Jesse was taking me there. I knew I was a bit late considering I was leaving soon, but I couldn't be bothered the last few days. Hanging out with Jesse had definitely distracted me from many thing. Of course I didn't agree with his offer directly, I argued that I could drive myself, but he was so determined to take me. It was hurting him if I rejected the kind offer, so I gave in. Besides it was really sweet.

" I'm going to take a shower, I'll be leaving in one hour."

" I'll buy you two boxes of candy if you stay!" Thalia screamed as I disappeared into my room to get ready for this afternoon.

" I'll still go, but you can buy me two boxes of candy anyway babe."

J: I'll be there as soon as I'm done with this boring meeting.

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