Rock Lee vs. Gaara of the Desert

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When I finally woke up, it seemed that Sakura lost, but so did her opponent because it ended in a tie. The sand girl beat one of Lee’s teammates. Some man named Toga beat whoever the hell he fought. The Nara kid beat the sound girl, and Naruto beat Lover Boy. Right now, Hinata was getting her ass handed to her and I was leaning up against Kakashi’s legs. I stretched like a cat.

“You awake now?” he asked. Hijuya had explained all of that; she had been listening while I was asleep.

“Yes, isn’t that Hinata’s cousin? And, isn’t he on Lee’s team?” I asked Naruto. He nodded angrily.

“Yes, I can’t believe that he would go to the extent of hurting her! She is his family!” he yelled. I felt like I got stabbed just then. Naruto would hate me if he knew what I had done.

“Hinata is a shy girl, but she is strong. The only problem is her bastard of a cousin hates her for some reason. She isn’t going to come out of this match okay in any way. She will heal…but it will take time,” I tell him, leaning over the rail, and long since abandoning Kakashi’s legs. Hinata is strong, but she isn’t confident and after having coughed up blood and vital points have been hit, she might be done. I look over at the Sand ninja and see the Gaara kid shaking.

‘Bloodlust…he is attracted to the blood, Hitsuki’ Hijuya whispers to me. She used to act like that; long ago she did, at least. I nod my head and look back at the match. Suddenly she goes down.

“Continuing is impossible and thus-”

“DON’T STOP IT!!!” Naruto interrupts that Hayate/coughing guy.

“What are you saying you idiot! She’s at her limit, she’s unconscious!” Sakura yells at him. I smile as everyone gasps.

“No, she won’t give up, not yet. Not when he finally sees her,” I whisper to myself as Hinata stands up shakily.

“Why do you stand?” Neji asks. “If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll die…” Hinata smiles.

“It’s not over…” she tells Neji.

“Acting tough is useless. You can barely stand, I can see that. From the time of your birth the responsibility of the Hyuga Main House was forced upon you… You have always hated yourself for your own weakness..But, people cannot change…that is destiny.” Tough guy, isn’t he? “There is no need to suffer anymore, LET IT GO!” he yells.

“That’s not true, brother Neji…Because, I can see it, it’s not me at all… The person lost and suffering within the destiny of the Main and Branch Houses….is you…” Hinata tells her cousin. He is pissed at this and leaps to attack.

Hayate yells, “Neji-kun, this match is over!!” Suddenly Hayate, Kakashi, Kurenai, Gai, and myself are all there, with me directly in front of Hinata.

“Neji, give it a rest. You gave me a warm promise not to lose your head over this Main family stuff,” Gai says to him.

“Why do even the other Jonin and one Genin jump in…oh, more special treatment for the Main Family…” he says. Suddenly Hinata falls over onto her knees, clutching her chest. Shit, her heart is starting to be affected by the hits to her chakra points. It is beating erratically. On cue she coughs up blood.

“Medical team, move it, get your asses over here!” I yell at them as Kurenai glares at Neji. “You son-of-a-bitch bastard, you planned to kill your own damn family?!!” I yell at him. Kakashi’s arms rap around me as I try to smack him until he dies from blood loss. “Your ass is lucky I am being held back, because you have yet to see what I am capable of,” I tell him menacingly.

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