Chapter 15

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Present day.

Damon texted me, indicating that my part if the plan was in action. I hurried upstairs to the room where I was supoosed to help and found Stefan and Damon in talks with Katherine. What the hell? how did hshe sneak into mystic falls without me realising. Crap, I'm not ready for this, not yet.

Katherine turned from the Salvatored to face me. A smirk on her face.

" Well if it isn't her Highness, precious Annabel" she taunted.

Why isn't she suprised to see me alive? Surely the news of the death of an original must of spread?

"Nice to see you grew a pair of balls Katherine, my last memory of you is you simpering up next to my father and uncle." I replied.

Katherine turned back to Damon and Stefan.

"You guys have kept me on lockdown for the past half an hour, trying to get me to tell you about the curse whilst you're or on first name basis with the girl who lived it? Pathetic. Next time do your research."

Damn. I'm not sure how much I want Damon to know about the curse.

"What the hell are you talking about Katherine?" demanded Damon. "What could Anna possibly know about the sun and moon curse? It isn't exactly general knowledge".

"The sun and the moon curse isn't real" I answered.

Might as well be honest.

Damon looked at me with disbelief.

"There is a curse, just not that one." I continued.

I don't have to tell them everything, just enough to remain on their good side.

"Well what's this curse about? And how does it linked to Katherine and any of us?" Asked Stefan.

"Damon you asked me to help you kill Katherine, thats what I'm here to do, we can share stories later on".

I want Katherine dead. I need to get rid of her. She's been a loose end for far too long.

"Are we going to kill her or not?"

I could easily do it by myself, but it seemed as if she had wronged them as well.

Before either of them could answer, Katherine spoke again.

"I know why your here Annabel. You're trying to bring Will back".

"Think what you will" I answered shortly.

She looked at me, her eyes displaying a emotion I never thought I would see coming from her. Pity. She was pitying me.

She didnt get a achance to do it for long...I pounced on her, then throwing her across the room I stepped back to let Damon stake her when suddenly;


I turned around to see a prepelaxed Jeremy stanging in the doorway.

"Whatever you do to her happens to Elena, if you hhurt her you hurt Elena"

I see Damon slowly bakc off.

Precious Elena. I don't care whether Elena lives of dies, her whiny existence is no use to me, I just need to get rid of Katherine. I adavance towards Katherine, intending to rip her heart out, when Damon comes in between us.

"Didn't you hear what Jeremy said?! He demanded.

Damn it. 

"I'm just going to keep a hold on her" I lied.

He nodded slowly and let me pass.