Chapter 7

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Ross knew it was not because she preferred his scintillating company that she wanted to go with him. He saw the fear in her eyes. Saw the way her eyes shifted uncomfortably towards their Japanese host. Ross knew she did not want to be thrust into the hands of a stranger she had just met, even if he had complete trust in his friend.

'Savannah,' his eyes bore into hers. 'Trust me,' his fingers curved around her slender arm. 'Ken will take good care of you. Something's come up. I will join you in an hour. I promise.'

Reluctantly Savannah nodded, the fear still in her eyes, but she remained silent. She was insecure being in this foreign country with a man she barely met thirty minutes ago, but she trusted Ross with all her heart. She just hoped his one hour would be over very quickly.

'Ken,' Ross turned to their host. 'Don't leave my secretary alone. Stay with her till I return,' both men's eyes locked meaningfully.

I am just his secretary. That is all I am to him.

If Ken was surprised, he did not openly display it. He merely nodded at Ross. Savannah's shoulders visibly sunk at Ross's instruction. Her eyes pleaded with him not to leave her with this stranger, but he remained resolute.

'Pull over here,' Ross instructed Ken's driver at a red traffic light. Ross turned one last time towards Savannah. 'I'll be back before you know it,' He touched her arm lightly. He nodded briefly to Ken, slipped out and hopped into the back seat of his security vehicle that was awaiting him.

As the limo pulled away, Savannah turned and stared through the back window, hating the increasing distance separating her from Ross in his security vehicle. Why couldn't Ross take me with him? Savannah wondered why she had to go to the hotel. She knew he often aborted one meeting for another more urgent one, but he should have taken her with him! She'd never been to Japan before. Now she was stuck with a stranger, in a foreign country and she could not speak the language! Nervously she directed her eyes to Ken. He smiled.

When they got to the hotel, Ken led her up to Ross's suite. He showed her around, pointing out the kitchenette, the public areas, her bedroom and the adjoining door that led to Ross's bedroom. He smiled, shrugged. 'I apologise, that you are stuck with me.'

Savannah squirmed uncomfortably.

'I will try to keep you company until Ross returns,' he informed consolingly. 'I do have some work to keep me busy,' he tapped his briefcase. 'You may watch the television if you so desire or rest if you feel tired.'

'I would like ___ a shower,' Savannah requested. She could not sit still and watch television or rest. Perhaps a leisurely shower will speed up the time.

'Sure, take your time,' Ken pointed to the door that led to the private area of the suite that contained her bath room.

Savannah unpacked her clothes. She removed a pair of lime green cotton trousers and a lemon coloured shirt to wear after her shower. She had read in a brochure on the jet that bathing was like a ritual in Japan. People cleaned themselves first in a wash cubicle before getting into a bath. She would indulge in that on another night. She could not get herself to relax in a tub, today she wanted a shower and to wait for Ross to return.

The minute Ken heard the lock click on the bathroom door. He removed his firearm, checked the chamber and replaced the weapon back into its holster. He opened the door slightly, popped his head to the left of the passage then in the opposite direction, and shut the door again. He secured the lock and sat down at the table.

Savannah's mind began to play tricks on her. What if something happens to Ross? What if he gets kidnapped? She knew nobody in Japan. Though she did have the U. S. Embassy details if a problems arose, it was no consolation. She checked in her suitcase to make sure the contact details were still there. After her shower Savannah ensured she was appropriately dressed before she ventured into the lounge to find Ken. He was working on his computer at the table against the large framed windows as he'd informed her.

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