News 01/31/2015

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Hi! Just a quick update for some important news items:

1) Thank you to Wattpad for giving Kim K: Trapped an HQ Love Award in the #Wattys2014! I'm thrilled and it's an honor to be included alongside so many other great stories.

2) Also thank you to everyone who continues to read and vote and comment on KKT, it's reached over 900,000 reads and I'm freaking out. I feel incredibly blessed that with so many stories competing for your attention, people still take the time to read mine. :)

3) My NEW BOOK is starting very soon, please make sure you follow my wattpad account (@kfxinfinity) or even my twitter (@kfan) so you get updates when it starts. Not saying what or who it's about but maaaaybe you can guess.

4) Related: do I have any followers who are great at making covers? I am terrible and could really use some help if you happen to know anyone. 

5) I had something else to say but I can't remember. Just thank you thank you thank.

6) I love everyone

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