Chapter 154

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sorry this took a little longer than usual. I promise I will establish a swifter update schedule very soon. it's just that college is getting heavy and I want to get good grades for uni. don't worry I'm not giving up on dark and dangerous love and i hope you aren't either. enjoy this chapter :) I hope to update more, soon


Marcus waited several seconds until after Evelyn and Jonah's footsteps faded into the wails and echoes of the dungeon before he took a long stride toward Harry. His fist collided with Harry's cheek bone. The younger vampire didn't even flinch. Marcus was careful with the act, he didn't want blood to ruin the sleeves of his shirt nor blazer.

"What were you thinking?" Marcus roared. His face rumpled by fury and his eyes were bulging out of their sockets. "Are you trying to get yourself killed? Because that's how you and the girl will end up if Zayn ever finds out!"

"But Zayn won't find out. You won't tell him!" Harry hissed. His face was close to Marcus's, and equally as unfriendly.

Marcus took a few steps back and ran his hand throw his hair. He looked torn by the complexity of the situation. "This is Zayn we're talking about. He finds out everything, sooner or later. Harry, you're a dead man walking." Marcus pressed his face into his palm. "I was the one who found you, and I was the one who begged Zayn to change you... with everything that's going on, you really couldn't have picked a worse time to add more inconvenience to my plate."

"I'm sorry."

"You should be." Marcus's face turned unpleasant for a moment before it softened. "Not enough good words from myself or Jonah would save you if Zayn finds out. He loves that girl more than life Harry! This is the ultimate betrayal!"

"I've sorry," Harry repeated.

"Zayn loves you! You are like a son to him and... Let's hope I am wrong and our King doesn't have the heart to kill the boy he raised."

"Zayn has the heart to do everything when it comes to Evelyn. If she loves me, he will personally kill me."

Marcus shook his head. "No, there is still hope. You have to prove yourself worthy of life and make him forgive you."

Harry laughed darkly. "And how will I do that?"

"By redeeming your sins."


"By giving Zayn something he wants more than Evelyn. By giving him something he has been searching for all his life."

Harry frowned, confused.

"Harry," Marcus spoke again, "if you do exactly as I say, there may be ways for you to save yourself, and the girl. There are few things Zayn cares for more than Evelyn. He may love her more than life itself, but there are things he wants more than a mere human girl. There is something he may give her up for."

The look on Harry's face was not amicable. "What are you proposing?"

"Harry, what I'm about to tell you is fully classified, and you are not permitted to leak this to anyone. Do you understand Harold? Or I will personally rip out your heart myself."

Is there something Zayn wants more than Evelyn? Harry asked himself before he nodded in agreement.

The surface was cold, and wind was swarming all around Jonah and Evelyn. While Jonah didn't seem to mind the painful caresses of the frozen air, Evelyn felt as if her cheeks were being cut open by razors. Her bones shivered and she pulled her coat tighter around her waist. She was fidgeting on the spot, waiting impatiently for Marcus to ascend the stairs inside the fake tree.

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