Home Alone

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In my rented house, I stare out the window while the rain fell. I'm use to being alone, but that doesn't mean I wanted to be alone. I loved helping people and being loved and loving people. But I'm always being taken advantage of my kindness. Yet, I still want to help them.
This lonely, rental house feels cold and dark. I hate it. Now that I think about it, the only ones who loved me were my appa and grandma. My eomma gave birth to me then left me with my appa and married a rich man.
I turned away from the window and went into the kitchen to make a cup of hot chocolate. I hold my sweater closer to my body and sigh. Once my drink is made, I sit by the window and sip on the hot chocolate.

I wake up the next day and get dressed for work.

I walk out of the house and smile as the autumn sun warms my skin

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I walk out of the house and smile as the autumn sun warms my skin. I start walking to my job and every time I see friends or a couple, I give a small, sad smile. I hate it, I hate how everyone has someone except me. Life must be laughing at me and how pathetic I am. Where's fate when you need it?!
I enter the bookstore that I work for, put my stuff away, and go to put books on the shelves.
I love books, I feel as if I'm actually with the characters as they go on their adventures. I sometimes even replace the main characters' names with mine.

Halfway through the day, my boss comes and puts the keys to the store in front of me. I look up at him, confused.
"I'm leaving for a while, so I need you to look over the store," he said. I realized that he didn't say when he would come back, but didn't say anything and just agreed to it.

After work, I locked the store and headed to the house. The sun was setting behind the tall buildings of Seoul. The sight was beautiful. I sighed as I headed back the house. The chilly night air surrounds me as I walk to the house.
I walk beside a building when cold water is poured down on me. I look up and see someone bringing a bowl back into their apartment and shut the window. I'm now shivering as I make my way to the house.

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