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The Wattys are now open

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The Wattys are awarded to the very best in digital storytelling from the past year. For 2014, we are happy to announce a selection of unique awards to recognize a diverse collection of stories from all categories.

Dates & Deadlines

Submissions Start: Oct 2014

Submission deadline: Dec 15th 2014

People’s Choice deadline: Nov 15th 2014

Winners Announced: Jan 2015

People’s Choice Award

If you know a story that you think should win a Watty, let us know.

Share it on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #Wattys2014. You can even nominate your own story.

The most shared and retweeted story between October 15th and November 15th will claim the People’s Choice Award.

Don’t wait; start sharing now.

Beginner’s Luck Award

New to Wattpad and want to win a Watty?

This is your chance to share your work, connect with others, and win. To be eligible to win the Beginners Luck Award, you must have joined Wattpad in March of 2014 or later. You may enter a story of any genre and any length, no excerpts please.

Create your story now. And tag it #Wattys2014.

HQ Love Award

If you’ve ever been curious what staff at Wattpad HQ are reading, this award will showcase some of our favorite stories. Winners will be chosen from the stories that the staff at Wattpad HQ have read this year.

Surprise Awards

To showcase the awesome and diverse stories that you’ve read & written in 2014, we will be announcing some Surprise Awards. These awards will be based on a variety of surprise factors (shh…don’t tell), and will celebrate a range of categories and talent. This way, everyone has the chance to win.

Submit your story today, tag it #Wattys2014.