WARNING: This area is home to a CRAZY girl!
      Bio: Call me Mike.. I was bullied a lot so I will help the bullied, talk to me if you need to. I don't use my past as excuse. Also I LOVE psychology and to watch people, not in a stalkerish way. I love to write & draw, but when I draw I prefer #2 pencil though or draw on the computer with MSpaint. I am always listening to music. BIG animal lover. Always loved to be there for my friends and others however  I don't sugar coat anything, to me it makes the issue worse. Cheshire Cat is just the best ever! 
      Motto: I'm not a robot so don't try to program me your way
      Update: I only update a couple stories to my choosing however if you have a request I am more than willing to update. Other than that I tend to update really slow.
      Hobbies: drawing, scheming, singing, being silly, reading, people watching, & loving pets 
      Being: I am a figment of your imagination
      Fav supernatural: vampire pinja
      Fav/Hated food:
           Fav: ice cream
           Hate: spicy stuff
      Music: (I'll list just my main favs) Skillet, A Day To Remember, Shinedown, Owlcity, He is We, Three Days Grace, Dead by April
      TV shows: Pitbulls and Parolees, Resurrection, Blacklist, Teen Wolf, Ghost Adventures, Bleach, Deadliest Catch and Tattoo Nightmare
      Anime or Books: 
          Anime: Bleach, AoT/SnK, Black Cat, Tokyo Ghoul, DNANGEL, FMA:B, and Gurren Lagann
          Books: Hate List by Jennifer Brown,  Maze Runner series James Dashner, and Outsiders by S.E. Hinton  
      Fav Superhero/villian:
             HERO=Marvel: Hawkeye for DC: Nightwing! 
             VILLAIN=Marvel: Loki(he is just hurting and confused) DC: Red Hood (it was Joker but he kills Jason T^T)
      If you comment on my stories PLEASE send me a message because my email won't tell me that you did, thus not letting me know what you had said so I can't reply.
      I love to talk to you about ANYTHING! I am an open book!
      Wuv and tank chu! <3 ^v-v^
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I can't believe it has taken me over a year to notice but I NEVER thanked you for saying I am awesome at writing!!! I am SOOO SORRY I totally thought I had put "thank you love" but I hadn't. So it is SUPER over due but Thanks love I am glad you think so. ^w^'