An aspiring writer that often throws out the beginning of many stories in extreme frustration. When I do write, however, I tend to lean towards trying to convey raw human emotion. I love to dissect it and analyze it. It's almost an entire science of its own.

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." -William Wordsworth

Alternate accounts: @poetryzebra where all of my other poetry ends up, @chasing-laurel, my other random account that's actually doing better than this one for some reason, go check that one out

Recommendations corner:
Tears of Shadows: @silchasruin90
Token/The Guardian Series: @dusty03
Have Mercy: @gogeckos1123
Dear Oliver (or anything by her, she's exquisitely poetic): @rigor_samsa

(I also create book covers for any and all who need them. All book covers of my works are made by me as well.)

Enjoy. :)

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Description: Adjust yourself to the signals, the signals that are trying to broadcast to you. Four different poetry volumes condensed into one transmission. What messages will you receive? Is anyone listening?

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Return to your roots. Return to your heart.

When Night Falls

When Night Falls

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Hope comes from the unexpected.



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Quoth the bird, "Evermore."



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As age creeps upon me in the shadows with each passing day, it is difficult for me to recall why it is ...