HELLO everyone! :)

I'm a BOY. well, I'm 18 but i just like calling myself a boy. I can't man up yet! :P

I still baby-talk to my rents and sissies like bigtime, which is weird because I'm the eldest and only son.
But I just can't help it! I don't wanna grow up :)

I like talking to people. But people think I'm a snob. But I'm just super SHY!   Dx

I love painting and reading and writing... with a pen. that's why you can't see any of my works in here :)

I'm afraid of dogs! but I love puppies! :D

I do different sports. I just suck on all of them! I'm CLUMSY!!! like VERY   Dx

I love being hugged! especially from behind... :D

What else??

Love life?? hmm... hey!!! T_T It's too touchy! I fall easily... IT'S COMPLICATED! But I'm SINGLE since birth :)

I'm still a VIRGIN! :D and I'm proud of it. But beware people! My mind is not! My brain is a PERV! and my mouth! and sometimes my hands too! ;) haha

I super love games! so if you need a player, just tell me "WANNA PLAY?" ;)

Oh! and I'm usually a gloomy boy... make me happy! :D

And if you might ask my preference, well... i'm Bi-ish. It;s hard to explain! :P

People to fan:

@xoxoloveu  - very lively girl :D my instant day maker ;) LOL xD

@JustHarri  – saucesomeness... enough said xP haha

@XxSmexxiAliXx  - hello my wittle girl!!! ^_^  

@jerichi – My girl-twin!!! xD We just have so much in common :)

@ChristineHausermann – my lemon buddy!!! xD LOL

@NoahIsBoss - smiley master :) hi tart xD haha

gotta fix this later ;)

oh, and I fan back, people! :D 


Luvs u all... 

tc  ;]
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