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Hello everyone! :)
I am Jeric. I'm a college student who wants to be a doctor someday. However, life doesn't stop there. I want to exercise the other part of me other than studying theoretical stuff. I personally want to dwell into writing, but on the other hand, I think I am not good at it, so kindly bear with it. Wattpad is for writers, both professional and aspiring ones, right? ;)

Uhm, okay, some things about me:

I love God.
I love my family.
Loves music!! I don't have a preferred genre though. As long as the song/music has nice lyrics and melody it's totally fine with me.
I live in a very green environment. I can't wait to go out and explore the world!
Loves sleeping. Yeah, I know, it's totally weird, but with my current load I am taking up in our school, oh well, sleep is such a treasure. :(
Well, about academics, I am taking up BS in Public Health, and I am currently loving it!! (and it's not a sarcasm, lol!)
Loves strawberries! (Although I'm a guy. lol!) 
Loves spicy food. I grew up with it.
Lastly, I am very proud to be a Filipino! 

Please support my first ever novel guys! Please vote and comment. I really love comments. :))

And if you want some help, or you just want someone to talk to, you can just chat me up or post to my message board or even send me a pm. I will be glad to have many friends here in wattpad. :)

And guys, Bloodline Chronicles is now available for free download!
You can get your own copy here:


Bloodline Chronicles II: Tricks of Fate

Bloodline Chronicles II: Tricks of Fate

9 parts / 31 pages, updated Dec 23, 2012PG
His memories returned to him, Van’s true identity is finally revealed, but there are still questions in his mind about his true abilities. In additio... read more
1,874 reads votes 61 comments 47
Sulat ni Nanay

Sulat ni Nanay

4 pages, updated Jan 08, 2012PG-13
Sa isang pamilya, may ina, ama, at anak. Ngunit ano nga ba ang pinakamatinding dahilan na sapat na upang masira ang kahulugan nito? Saksihan ang kuwento ng isang simpleng pa... read more
661 reads votes 4 comments 15
Bloodline Chronicles

Bloodline Chronicles

22 parts / 67 pages, updated Nov 28, 2011PGPicturesCompleted
Seven different special bloodlines run through the selected humans living in the world of Gaea. However, due to some reasons, possessing these special powers from the ... read more
20,067 reads votes 350 comments 123

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