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-favorite colors are 




-Favorite shows are 

-Adventure time


-Sponge bob square pants-

-Regular Show

-I am between girly and a tom boy.

-I am straight but I have bi and guy friends.

-I am  


-kind but if you get me mad or don't shut up I will go crazy.



-a book worm 






- a bit perverted from my friends

-I love carrots

-obviously candy







-ice cream

-I love to read,write,draw,sing,color,and dance which you probably already know if we talked before.

-Favorite bands are 

-Cold play

-Simple Plan

-Finger Eleven 

-Boys Like Girls

-I love to play video games and joke around.

-I will laugh at something that happened yesterday or just remembered

-I have a weak spot for being tickled or poked so don't do it.

-I love to help people with their clothes( not that there is something wrong with that)
Almost every summer i help the elderly out.
I have a dog named Kujo.
I like guys with short hair(whatever color)poetic,kind,average 
height,athlete,can dance,and complements you.
I also play tennis.
I don't chat but i would love to talk to other people.

OMG MY BESTIE'S ON HERE FOR EVER!!!- @storylover11 -She Is SO amazing and awesome if you get a chance to talk to her then you were just struck with Pure COOLNESS.P.S. HER NAME IS NEMO!!!.XD CAN MAKE THE BEST EVER COVERS!!!.
 @ilovemusic44- Is one of the Most Coolest Person YOU could ever meet & talk to.Her NAme is LITTLE BLUE.She's awesome and (love) PICKLES,CHOCOLATE,AND ALMONDS.She is DEFINITELY my TWIN. LOVES MY FAV SUBJECT INCLUDING RANDOMNESS.
 @Always_Love_Ireland - This GIRL is TOTALLY SWEET,NICE,KOOL,CRAZY,AWESOME,BUBBLY, and a bit SHY but without HER I probably WOULD NOT have gotten SOO much INSPIRATION for POEMS.




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My Vampire

My Vampire

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Why Me

Why Me

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Good bye

Good bye

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Love Struck

Love Struck

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Give Me Something To Live For

Give Me Something To Live For

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Nicole is bored with her life even though her brother is Harry Styles. When she meets Nick her life turn upside down.Nicole starts to fall for him and so doe... read more
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Understaning Me

Understaning Me

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