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I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!!!!!! I am most def a TEAM KLAUS!!!!!! ( i still love Damon though!!! He's super sexy!!! )

I freaking love Ghost Adventures!!!!!! And I also freaking love Zak Bagans!!!!!!!

Who else is super excited for The Originals series!?! I certainly am!!! It makes me very happy that we don't have to worry about originals on TVD but I live them all to much to bit want them!!! 

I have officially finished watching every episode if Supernatural that is on Netflix!!! Now I'm just waiting in season 8 and I will be all caught up!!! I love love love Cas!!!!


Ghost Adventures - One Shot - Hell-Fire Caves

Ghost Adventures - One Shot - Hell-Fire Caves

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Dark Descendants (Vampire Diaries)

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