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hi guys!! i'm jewelica anne

you could call me "jewel" just to drop the formality

i love reading stories,

that's the main reason why i made an account here



though god knows how desperate I am to make my own stories, its just I don't have the gift to do so ...

so i'll just be contented reading and reading forever and ever.. :D


-> i'm not that hard to please, though i prefer those stories that have "sense" and "kilig factors" but still every story that i read would be nice., :D
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congratulations. worth all the wait . :) can i ask a favor ? can you inform me pag ipapublish na to. pretty please ??
Reyna ng Kamalasan .ƒĢ. (Co...

omg !!! i am so loving every bits of these updates. i didn't regret waiting for how long. and just so you know, i'm still waiting. if this story...
Reyna ng Kamalasan .ƒĢ. (Co...

haha who would've known thats just whats needed to wake him up.
The Robber Knight's Love

this definitely made me laugh. hahaha
The Robber Knight's Love

i think its only normal. sometimes i also find myself having those thoughts. hahaha. after all its in the 'art of war' . kill thy enemy ! bwahahahaha
The Robber Knight