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Heyy people well something about myself hmmm well... 

Things I like/ love: 

Cheesecake!!! or dessert in general really 

Dark romance 

Loads of genres of musics apart from classical 

My bed (the best place EVER!) 

The days were the only thing that consumes my mind is my books

My crazy ass friends and family. 

My freaky ass sort of creepy dreams! 

BoyxBoy stories they are my guilty pleasure!  

Manga and anime!  Vampire Knight and Naruto are my favourite :D

Supernatural the love of my life! For all you lot that do watch it Team Dean? Team Sam? Team Cass? or Team any one else??? 

Things I dislike/ hate: 

The fact that we only have 24 hours in a day. Strange I know. 

People who lie and it is written all over there face

The sun!! It makes me high yep you read right it makes me high like drug high and do silly things but SHHHHH!!! Don't tell anyone! Haha our little secret! (I may be a little high writing this XD)

Boys who act that like they are so bad when realistically they are like everyone else.


Leaving my bed. 

♀+♀= ♥ GENDER                                               
♂+♂= ♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀= ♥ MATTER

 So that's me! :)


3 Forbidden Words

3 Forbidden Words

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The Other Guy

The Other Guy

8 parts / 18 pages, updated Aug 04, 2011PG-13
lexis parks is a normal girl in a normal school. who like most girl has a crush on Micheal Quinn but Micheal does not even notice her. So when one day a new guy named Emmett ... read more
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