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I have my own quote: "My whole life is a dumb moment"


Randomist person I've ever met on here? THE AWARD GOES TO  @SexyDogBuns ! Oh god, she's had me in tears because she's so funny. YAY JENNY
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Im in love with my chemical romance! Their music is awesome and life saving!!! I also love, you me at six, paramore, blink 182, 30 seconds to mars, the pretty reckless and greenday !

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Not really sure what else to put O.o...I don't start conversations since I'm shy. Very shy. (It's weird yes, don't ask) But I'd be happy to speak to you if you spoke first...Unless that's too much to ask O.o. I don't wanna sound rude.




1 page, updated Mar 24, 2014PG-13Completed
Just a little something I wrote about depression
28 reads votes 7 comments 1
Isn't it crazy?

Isn't it crazy?

9 parts / 10 pages, updated Oct 20, 2013PG-13
One simple walk to the bakery to get there daily dose of sugar went downhill. Four girls ended up in a hostage situation with a group of guys who decided to turn up with ... read more
6,934 reads votes 252 comments 197
Kidnapped By Mcr...The hardest part

Kidnapped By Mcr...The hardest part

20 parts / 22 pages, updated Jul 06, 2013PG-13Completed
[Book three] When her life starts finally getting back on track, guess who turns up? Frank. This time, he wants to play a game, a game so twisted that sh... read more
30,375 reads votes 1,042 comments 459
Don't Blink

Don't Blink

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Jun 22, 2013PG-13
"All you have to do is watch the video without blinking. Then you'll have good luck! If you blink though, you die" What harm could one little video do? A lot actua... read more
691 reads votes 22 comments 11
My Songbook!

My Songbook!

25 parts / 8 pages, updated May 24, 2013G
A book of my songs, mostly sad.. But yeah. I did write them all by myself and I don't mind you using them (For youtube or whatever) Just ask first :)!
6,339 reads votes 109 comments 77
Wish Me Well (on hold)

Wish Me Well (on hold)

4 parts / 6 pages, updated May 06, 2013PG-13
How would you feel if you had to help people to survive? It's easy for some people, others get turned into fairies and have to help people to live another day. That i... read more
947 reads votes 31 comments 7
The Hardest Part Of Living

The Hardest Part Of Living

19 parts / 21 pages, updated Feb 02, 2013PG-13Completed
(Frerard Fan Fic!) Victoria Malik (Vicky) was only thirteen when her parents were murdered. Now she's in care and When Frank and Gerard the happy couple come al... read more
12,987 reads votes 325 comments 119
You're my hope (on hold)

You're my hope (on hold)

5 parts / 8 pages, updated Dec 11, 2012PG-13
A drunken father, a depressed mother and a shattered life. Ellie is on the edge of loosing it. One simple walk back from school changes her life as she meets Gera... read more
1,814 reads votes 60 comments 18
Welcome to Colleville

Welcome to Colleville

10 parts / 18 pages, updated Nov 26, 2012PG-13Pictures
Welcome to Colleville! Where there are happy people, people who get on with each other, people who don't stop smiling...People who work for vampires. Daniela thought... read more
2,145 reads votes 57 comments 66


23 parts / 22 pages, updated Oct 24, 2012PG-13Completed
After a crazy fan attacked lead singer Gerard Way, police find strange things at her house and something strange happens to Jenny...She meets Gerard Way, yet he seems different and... read more
11,342 reads votes 493 comments 173
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Saving Ashley
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@anime_quinn uh oh
Runaway with me anytime you...

Hahha yes, there are two more books to this on my profile. :3!
Kidnapped by... My Chemical...

Whenever my mind decides to go, 'Sophie. I have an idea and you're going to write today! No ifs or buts!' ...this happens rarely.
Isn't it crazy?

That poor man..
Isn't it crazy?

She\'s a kid, she doesn\'t know how many to take. I wanted to let the readers know she was going to survive but just add a little worry to the story.
I'm Not Okay!

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